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Naja victoria secret sexy lingerie Lingerie Is Making ‘Nude For All’ Underwear a Reality

Naja is the latest brand changing victoria secret sexy lingerie the way we see "nude" in fashion. The lingerie brand (pronounced na-ya) is only three years old but has alreadyaccomplished something that so many mass lingerie companies haven’t: Its latest collection of bras and underwear come in seven shades of "nude" for a wide variety of skin tones.

Naja's Nude For All easy access lingerie campaign launched today and includes three types of seamless and tagless underwear — a thong, the classic high-waisted, and the bikini brief. It also includes the "Sasha" demi bra that has seamless bonded straps and a vibrant '60s-inspired pop art print lining. The campaign also features "Jane the Virgin" actress Gina Rodriguez who has had an equity stake in Naja since last year.

Not black strappy lingerie only does the company employ single mothers or female heads of households, it also pushes to use more eco-friendly methods of production and has an "Underwear for Hope" program that employs women in the Colombian slums to make lingerie bags that are offered with each Naja purchase.

Naja's founder and CEO, Catalina Girald developed one piece lace lingerie her own supply chain to make things work. Instead of producing 10,000 units per style in 12 months — a typical practice for the majority of companies in the lingerie industry — Naja only produces 200 at a time in one month. It's this innovation that has made the Nude for All collection a reality.

"That is exponentially faster and more efficient than any easy access lingerie other lingerie company," said Girald in a statement."It's the first time that the industry can produce this many shades in one style of product cost-effectively and efficiently."

Nude For All is only black strappy lingerie the latest in a wave of "nude" campaigns. Christian Louboutinlaunched its line of nude flats for a range of skin tones just this past March, and the vxccvy010 lingerie companyNubian Skin began stocking its nude lingerie for women of color at Nordstrom in the U.S. last July.

The collection currently one piece lace lingerie retails for about $18 for a thong and $52 for the "Sasha" bra. You can shop the entire collectionhere:

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