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Derek Jeters greatest quality mostly couldnt be seen, only heard. Throwback Broncos Jerseys . If you were around him enough, you listened to him say many times that youre either playing -- or youre hurt. His message: If you take the field with an injury, youre 100 percent.Jeter never made excuses, which, because he was the New York Yankees captain and one of the greatest players of all time, made it essentially impossible for anyone on the Yankees 25-man roster to offer alibis. His maniacal obsession with winning, combined with a mostly placid outward demeanor, helped create a calm during so many October playoff storms -- and even one quite memorable one in November -- that helped lead to five Yankees championships.He was a product of the dynastic Yankees -- and they were a product of him. Their success is all really chicken-and-egg stuff. Thats why grading Jeter as an individual player can be looked at through so many different lenses. His exceptionalism was wrapped around his teams success. While many times it ended in October glory, it began in the attitude he brought to spring training, arriving early, setting the attitude for his team. From a reporters perspective, he wasnt the most interesting person to talk to -- politely aloof is how Ive often described him to friends. He was very careful when sharing his thoughts, objecting to questions with any negative connotations. It was all about building a confident, positive attitude, which permeated his championship teams. Jeter, of course, needed talent around him, but his leadership was a vital ingredient.So how do you judge something you cant see? If, like Ernie Banks (No. 46 on our list), Jeter played for hapless Cubs teams that never sniffed a title, would he be remembered as a sort of Craig Biggio-type -- a Hall of Fame player based on his 3,000-plus hits, but not much more?If he were on the Baltimore Orioles teams of Cal Ripken Jr. (No. 47 on our list), would the fact that Jeter hit 23 or more homers just twice, while Ripken averaged 23 per 162 games during his career make it impossible to rank Jeter ahead of the Iron Man?There are arguments for why Jeter is just where he belongs -- at No. 51 -- and arguments for why he should be above Banks and Ripken instead. But what should not be held against him is all his magical moments, as if they happened by chance or luck in the context of his teams successes.Yes, he has had more postseason opportunities -- with the expanded playoffs coinciding with his career -- than anyone in baseball history, but he took full advantage of them. So he has The Flip, the Mr. November home run and the Jeffrey Maier game to help build his legend.And he didnt save his flair all for the postseason. He had the bloody catch against the Red Sox, when he ran full-steam into the stands. His 3,000th hit was a home run, on a 5-for-5 day. His final hit at Yankee Stadium was a walk-off single, a trademark one-hopper through the right side.He could be selfish, at times. He could have stood up for Alex Rodriguez at certain points in their tenure as Yankees teammates, but the captain of the franchise chose personal animosity over siding with a valuable and vulnerable teammate, whom the fans were pummeling.Despite his nearly flawless reputation, Jeter could be outlandish. After finishing an almost $200 million contract, he demanded the same rate, though the quality of his play at the end of his career had diminished to the point where there was no free-agent market for him.But, despite some hiccups, he was all about the team. He didnt care all that much about personal accomplishments; his stated goal was to match Yankees legend Yogi Berra for most World Series rings. Berra won 10; Jeter made it halfway there.Jeters attitude separated him from many of his peers, but he could also play. If you believe he never used performance-enhancing drugs, as most presume, you could make a real argument he deserved to be a lot higher up this list because we know many of his competitors -- yes, and teammates -- were juicing. That makes what Jeter did on the field that much more impressive.Jeter never won a regular-season MVP, a batting or home run title. He did collect 3,465 hits, sixth all time -- one tangible in which he beats both Banks and Ripken.I never covered Banks or Ripken, so I cant say first-hand what type of attitude they brought to the park. I witnessed Jeters often. If you were starting an all-time team, you could pick Banks or Ripken or A-Rod as your starting shortstop. Ultimately, I would probably take their superior tangibles over Jeters intangibles. However, you couldnt go wrong if you had the Yankees No. 2 as your No. 1, either. Womens Broncos Jerseys . Zvonareva, who won the tournament in 2009 and 10, couldnt handle her opponents big groundstrokes in only her third event back after 17 months out with a shoulder injury. Zvonareva made her comeback in January in Shenzhen and played in the Australian Open but lost her first matches at both tournaments. Youth Broncos Jerseys . - The Oakland Raiders re-signed offensive lineman Khalif Barnes on Friday. . It is a cliché dragged out by fans and pundits regularly when discussions take place around which teams are better than others.MIAMI -- As Tony Parker arrived at the podium for an interview session Wednesday in Miami, he crossed paths with San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich, who was just departing. Popovich made a joke, and Parker laughed. A few years ago, that might not have happened. Several summers ago, the Spurs were trying to sign Jason Kidd, which in some circles was incorrectly perceived as Popovich deciding that he no longer wanted to have Parker around. That couldnt have been more wrong, since what the Spurs were actually thinking was that a veteran like Kidd would have been the perfect mentor for Parker as he was continuing to mature and learn the NBA game. Kidd never joined San Antonio. Parker ended up just fine without him. Even in a year where Tim Duncan was able to turn back the clock and post one of the best seasons in his long career, Parker is probably the biggest reason why the Spurs are in the NBA Finals for the fifth time. And hell be the focal point of the Miami Heat defensive gameplan on Thursday night, when the teams get together for Game 1 of the title series. "It seemed to me that it would be a great move if we could get Jason to help mentor Tony," Popovich said. "My illustrious NBA career ended after a week and a half. So what the hell am I going to teach him about being a point guard? ... Tony did not love that idea at all. But we still tried to do it." Parker -- one of four former Finals MVPs in the series, joining Duncan, Dwyane Wade and LeBron James -- doesnt need much help anymore. Hes averaging 23 points and 7.2 assists in these playoffs, playing at even a higher level than he did during an outstanding regular season, and is coming off a Western Conference finals performance against Memphis in which he shot 26 for 43 and averaged 31.5 points in the Spurs two road wins that finished off a four-game sweep of the Grizzlies. "Against Miami, its the last step," Parker said. "Its going to be the hardest one, because winning a championship is very hard. Especially against a very good team in and LeBron, four-time MVP, its going to be really tough. But its a great opportunity for us to try to beat them." The Spurs love him, and the Heat rave about him, so much so that Miami may offer Parker what they would consider to be the ultimate compliment on Thursday night. They may have James guard him at times. Mario Chalmers will start off against Parker, but if the Heat want a different look or if their starting point guard gets into foul trouble, Miami will not hesitate to give James a chance to guard the Spurs star. After all, Miami calls James "One through five" for a reason, a nod to how he can guard all five positions on the court. "Im looking forward to it a lot," Chalmers said of the assignment against Parker. Camo Broncos Jerseys. "Itll be a matchup with one of the great point guards in the game right now and its going to be my job to contain him." But the Spurs will be ready to see James standing in Parkers way. Its not uncommon for teams to try to put someone bigger against Parker; in fact, the majority of the league does so fairly regularly. But its rare that someone 6-foot-8, 250 pounds and possessing the combination of size and speed goes up against a point guard. "No matter what they do, we just have to live with it and play," Popovich said. "At this point in the season were not going to change very much what we do. Theres no time for it. And as far as anticipating what people might do, I try to stay away from that, because you can drive yourself crazy. Thats what the game is for. You make adjustments during the game, hopefully to help your team. But whatever is presented is what has to be dealt with." Parker is not the Spurs only offensive option, of course. At times, Duncan is the key to everything. Other times, Manu Ginobili is the catalyst. But more often than not, how Parker fares in a game pretty much is the right indicator to show if the Spurs won that night or not. The Spurs are 42-8 this season when he scores 20 points. When he plays and doesnt score 20, theyre just 17-13. And Duncan doesnt see any comparison between Parkers game now and the game he had when he was good enough to be Finals MVP in 2007 after San Antonio swept James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. "I think hes a lot better," Duncan said. "I think hes a lot better player. He is asked to do a lot more. I think he has a lot more responsibility for making our team go than he did then. And I think hes a lot more prepared to do that. So as good as he was then, I think hes even better now." Thats basically because the Spurs demanded he be that way. Parker was issued a challenge two years ago. The Spurs watched what he did with the French national team and were duly impressed. He controlled the games. He was his national teams unquestioned leader. And it didnt take long for Popovich and the rest of the Spurs organization to decide that the time was right for him to assume an similar role in San Antonio. Parker has more than responded. Its no coincidence that the Spurs are back in the finals. "He was the best player in the Western Conference playoffs each game, and were well aware of that," Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. "Every time he stepped on the court, he was the best player, the most impactful player, and he was driving their success. Now, they have obviously Hall-of-Famers and a well-oiled system. ... But hes a great player, an MVP candidate each year." Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' '