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NEW YORK -- If you want to glimpse the future of sports broadcasting, you can check out the Rio Olympics in virtual reality. Nike Sock Dart Bleu . But if you really want to immerse yourself in the competition, just turn on the TV.NBC, BBC and other Olympic networks around the world are offering the opening and closing ceremonies and selected events in VR, giving viewers a 360-degree perspective -- that is, the ability to look up, down and all around -- when they wear special headsets. Its a first in Olympics broadcasting, and NBC itself admits that its more than 100 hours of VR coverage is experimental.Its good that television networks are getting a head start on figuring out what works with the new technology. Watching the Olympics in VR can occasionally transport you, giving you the sense of actually being there in Rio. But those moments are still too few and far between.---THE BASICSTelevision networks are relying on the shared resources of the Olympic Broadcasting Services. In the U.S., viewers need a cable or satellite TV subscription, a Samsung Gear VR headset and a recent flagship Samsung Galaxy phone.The VR schedule has a haphazard feel. It offers preliminary rounds for some sports and finals for others, but focuses on just one sport on any given day. Events are shown a day after the fact, too, apart from one fencing event and two days of mens basketball expected to be live.---THE OPENING CEREMONYFriends who hadnt tried VR before were impressed by the opening ceremony, though the spectacle was less momentous if youd seen enough of VR for its newness to wear off. A few scenes still stood out:- At one point, performers clad in feather-like costumes sashayed and shimmied around me as they introduced the world to Brazils music and dance. Producers had set up a 360-degree camera right next to them on stage, giving the VR audience the sense of being in the show instead of just watching it. Alas, producers then switched to more-distant cameras.- VR cameras captured the parade of athletes from at least two vantage points on the floor, giving me the sense of standing near them as they passed by. TV shots, by contrast, were mostly birds eye views. I even caught one of the stadium marshals next to me -- I mean the camera -- snapping a photo with a smartphone.- While television mostly had aerial shots looking down at fireworks, VR offered a perspective from inside as fireworks shot up from around the entire stadium.But VR doesnt do everything well, as I learned myself while recording 360-degree videos .With no zoom, shots from the stadiums seats felt distant. Television showed close-ups of supermodel Gisele Bundchens runway walk to The Girl From Ipanema, but in VR all you could see was a dark, empty stadium floor. She was just too far away.VR tried to compensate by showing a TV feed within the VR environment, but the virtual monitor got distracting. And when I looked down, all I could see was a computer-generated disk intended to hide the camera rig. It felt like standing on a giant dinner plate -- there as an observer, but not really there.---COMPETITIONThere are currently no commercials or commentators intruding on the VR Olympics; all you get is natural sound from the venue. On the other hand, theres no way to jump directly to a specific match or athlete.Among other drawbacks, athletes sometimes looked like video-game characters. VR video wasnt as sharp as what Im used to on TV, and 3-D rendering might have compounded that feeling of fakeness.In beach volleyball, one challenged play got shown repeatedly on television, but VR offered no instant replays or slow motion.With boxing, coverage switched back and forth between a floor-level camera and one about the height of a street lamp. That forced me to continually tilt my head to look up and down again as though nodding. Let the viewer choose the camera.For mens gymnastics, four cameras covered the six-event all-around finals, meaning you had to turn around to watch two of the events in the distance. Once again, you dont get to control the shot. You might be fixated on the pommel horse when you suddenly get a floor-exercise routine going on at the same time. Track-and-field coverage this weekend will probably have similar issues.For now, VR is most exciting behind the scenes. I could feel the joy as Japanese gymnast Kohei Uchimura won gold and hugged his support staff, surrounded by cameras. You dont get that sense of closeness when its a straight-on television shot. I would love to see warmup areas and locker rooms in VR (for team strategizing, of course). VR works best when the room is small and people are close to the camera.---LOOKING AHEADIts easy to take television sports coverage for granted. Before satellites, TV rarely covered sports live, and cameras were rudimentary. Now, underwater cameras can capture swimmers intensity in the pool, while a computer-generated yellow line shows the world-record pace. Elsewhere, skiers and ice-hockey players have strapped on GoPros. No doubt VR cameras and production will get better.Jim Bell, executive producer of NBC Olympics, said it well just before the Olympics started: It seems like a cool thing, but where it stands right now with the goggles and youve got to put this thing on your head, its not there yet. I kind of like the experience of watching big events like the Olympics on a high-quality television screen, which as we like to say, is as God intended it. Nike Presto Solde Femme . There are some early surprises in the race for the Hart Trophy, but two of the contenders are the leagues biggest stars over the past decade. There are many more players in contention for the awards than just the three that Ive named, and a good or bad week can easily alter the landscape, but through the first 20 or so games of the NHL season, this is how the awards races look to me. Nike Air Presto Noir Pas Cher . Laudrup revealed Thursday he was notified of his dismissal in "the briefest of letters which gave no reasons why such hasty and final action was deemed necessary. http://www.prestonike2018.fr/ .  Aside from the trilogy main event title fight, there are a number of intriguing matchups in the heavyweight, welterweight and lightweight divisions. Services boxer Duryodhan Singh Negi has not been troubled in the ring so far at the Senior Boxing nationals. On Monday in Guwahati, he breezed into the welterweight (69kg) finals and assured himself of a silver medal with a comfortable unanimous decision against Prayag Chauhan of Delhi.Assam hasnt always been this welcoming for Negi. On the night of December 22 eight years ago, things were far less pleasant. Back then, Negi wasnt in a brightly lit air-conditioned boxing hall, but in the chilly Eastern Garo foothills under a near-moonless night. Negi wasnt skipping around the canvas in ring shoes, but stepping as silently as he could through dense jungle terrain in army combat boots. Instead of boxing gloves, he had a loaded AK-47 rifle in his hands.Negi was part of a unit of 4th Kumaon that was conducting a patrol in Assams Goalpara district. They were on the lookout for members of the terrorist organization ULFA. Negi remembers they had been on alert for nearly three days. We were sleeping in the open while others kept watch, he says. I remember how cold it was and that I had had perhaps one hour of sleep in that time. Our eyes were red and we were very tired. But we got a word from an informer that the terrorists were nearby, so we kept going.Negi remembers the moment his commanding officer saw a flashlight -- by his estimate 30-40 metres away. There was no reason for it to be there, he says. When we heard a Kalashnikov being cocked, we knew had found them.Negi describes the ambush his team set up. Two of our soldiers flanked them and fired from their sides, he says. I had to provide suppressive fire from the front. There was a major firefight for about an hour. I couldnt see anything but since we knew they were above us in the mountain, I just kept firing into where we first saw the torch.The next morning, the troops recovered the bodies of two militants and captured another who was injured.Negi shrugs at the tale. Thats what you had to do if you were a sipahi (soldier), he says.Indeed thats what Negi was. Unlike the other members of the Services team, he didnt join the armed forces under the sports quota but rather as a regular jawan.Most of the boxers from the services team are boys who we brought in through the sports quota. For a jawan to rise through the ranks and reach this level in the nationals is incredibly hard. it is just raw talent,?Brigadier Murali Raja, former president of the Indian boxing federation, said about Negi.The eldest son of a farmer in Uttarakhands Pithoragarh district, Negi enlisted in the army in 2004, when he was 19. He had no knowledge of boxing then. Im from a poor family, he says. I joined the army to escape poverty. Sports was never a priority for us.Negis first encounter with the ring was far from pleasant. In 2006, when his unit was stationed in Solan, Himachal Pradesh, Negi was told to box in an inter-battalion tournament. They didnt give me the option of saying no, he says. They told me it was an order. I was very scared. There was a temple near the boxing ring and I remember praying there: God, dont let someone break my nose or put my eye out.Negis nose wasnt fractured and after one month of basic coaching, he was selected to fight the inter-battalion tournament, which he won. Everyone else was even worse than I was, he jokes. The tournament would be the last bit of training for Negi for four years as he followed his unit to Assam.There was no time to box, he says. We would be constantly following up information from our sources and then patrolling or setting up ambushes. Most of the time, we wouldnt get anything but every once in a while we eengaged the enemy. Air Max 90 Soldes Femme. It was only in 2010 -- when 4th Kumaon were posted out of Assam to Nagrota in Jammu & Kashmir -- that Negi got a chance to resume his hitherto brief fling with boxing. As someone who was believed to have boxing experience owing to his stint four years before, Negi was picked up by his unit and told to prepare for the army nationals. Despite no practice of any discernable standard, Negi kept winning. He eventually picked up a silver medal, losing to a boxer who had joined the army under the sports quota.The result was enough for him to be chosen to train at the Army Sports Institute in Pune. And at the ripe old age of 27, Negi began his career as a full-time boxer.He couldnt have chosen a worse time. The Indian Amateur Boxing Federation would be banned the very same year. Negi would continue to practice in Pune but had few opportunities to show his abilities. He would make the most of his chances. At the 2014 boxing nationals in Nagpur -- which were subsequently termed unsanctioned -- Negi won the gold in the light welterweight (64kg) division. He subsequently participated in the 2015 Presidents Cup in Indonesia, where he lost in the quarterfinals.Negi isnt the most skillful boxer and, at 171 cm, doesnt have the best reach. But observers say he more than makes up for these shortcomings with his high work rate. While his conditioning during his time in the army certainly helped, Negi credits his endurance to his growing up in the Himalayan mountains around Pithoragarh.Having assured himself of a silver medal at the senior boxing nationals, Negi will be part of the national camp once more. Theres no doubt in his mind that boxing is far easier than soldiering.Its a lot easier to be a boxer than to be an army jawan, he says. You can take risks in boxing. You can let yourself be open up to punches if you think that you have a chance to hit back as well. But when you are on a mission, you dont want to put yourself in danger. Negis experience in combat has also made him something of a hero among the other members of the camp as well as his teammates in the Services team. Nearly all of them [with the exception of heavyweight Satish Kumar] have joined the army through the sports quota, he says. Many of them have never even fired a gun. So they keep asking me to tell them stories of my time as a soldier.Boxing has benefitted him too, letting him rise through the ranks faster than he would have as an enlisted man. By winning the nationals in 2014, I was given a promotion to havildar (sergeant), he says. That would have taken me 15 years, but I got the promotion in 11 years.And while he is grateful for the chance to box, Negi admits he sometimes misses his life as an infantryman. I still speak to the soldiers from my unit, he says. They tell me stories about their missions and I miss the excitement of it.For the moment though, Negi says his goal is to break out in the welterweight division. It wont be easy. At 31, Negi is easily among the older active boxers in India. Yet he is confident he can make it -- if not for himself, then for the honour of his unit.Fourth Kumaon has a lot of firsts, he says. [Major Somnath Sharma of] our unit won the first Param Vir Chakra. We were also the first to capture Siachin Glacier [Operation Meghdoot in 1984] and we did it without any specialized equipment. Now I want to make the unit proud through my boxing. If I win a medal at the Commonwealth or Asian Games, that will also be a big achievement for them. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' '