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xiaxue Nov 27 '17
The idea that each successive generation has it easier than the one that came before it has become a shibboleth in the United States. Parents and grandparents are always telling their kids and grandkids how hard they had it growing up. They didn’t have computers Authentic NFL Jerseys China , mobile phones, ready-made meals, or flat-screen TVs. Some days they walked to school in four feet of snow and they never went out to eat our ordered in because they simply couldn’t afford it. The veracity of some of these stories remains in question, but one thing we know for certain is that modern students do more homework than their parents and grandparents did.

The younger generations today are the first to be assigned homework in the early grades. Even kids in kindergarten and first grade are expected to complete around 20 minutes of homework each day, which was never the cases with earlier generations. Why is this? According to most educators, the earlier students start, the easier it will be for them to get into the habit of completing assignments at home.

But did you know that homework has always been controversial in America? It has even been banned for children in elementary and middle schools in the past. The theory was that only high school students should be assigned work away from school and that children should enjoy their childhoods. The proponents of homework eventually won out as more and more Americans started preparing for and attending colleges and universities. In other words, they needed to develop habits of independent study, and homework was the most reliable way for them to do just that.

Where are we now?

According to a recent poll, most parents feel that their children are being assigned the right amount of homework. About the same proportion answered that there was either too little or too much homework on a daily basis. The arguments for more out-of-school assignments are simple and difficult to dispute.

Firs and most important Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale , it lets parents see exactly what their children are studying in school and what they need to know to succeed in their studies. While it is true that some high-achieving parents push their kids too hard based on the information they receive from homework assignments, most simply use them to stay informed and on top of things.

With that said, there is some evidence that overworked children are burning out because of too much homework. According to a recent survey conducted by AskKids, 43 percent of parents admitted that they regularly do their kids’ homework for them. When asked why, most respond that they do it to ease the stress and strain on their children. Many more, 84 percent, help their children with homework, which is certainly not against the rules, but it is proof that kids may be overloaded in the modern era.

Homework Help Online

Instead of running to mom and dad for answers or buying essays online, children can now gain a sense of independence by seeking homework help online. There are many reputable sites that offer students of all grade levels help with challenging subjects. Some of these websites offer their services for free Authentic NFL Jerseys Cheap , while others charge a set fee for homework help online.

What to look for?

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