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yatongcable Nov 23 '17
Ok , so , if you buy your mp3 player from the store or online and the device is brand new, you must have a box. Where is your new player of course and some other important things. Those things are: Installation CD , USB cable , earphones, recharger and maybe one or two more extras. Installation CD - this is important , because its necessary for connection between MP3 player and Computer. This CD will help your Operating System to recognize the device. If you have Windows 2003 and above , maybe there is rg59 coaxial cable no need to install anything, but you still must have a CD in the box - in any case. For Example , Windows XP in 90% of cases will recognize your player automatically , when you have connected it with USB cable. fiber optical cable This CD is also known as Driver CD or User Manual CD. You must turn on your mp3 player and plug the cable with it. Then plug the other jack in to the computer. Now your device is connected to your PC. Now , if Windows recognizes the player automatically , messages will appear, like - "New Hardware Device Found" and "Hardware Installed and Ready to Use". In this case , when your mp3 player is installed , go to My Computer and look for the new icon , called "Removable Storage Device" , or the icon may also be named with the name of you player. For Example: SciFlux Mp3 Player Device or something like that. If windows cant recognize your player, then you must to use Security alarm cable the Driver CD. Put it in the CD or DVD Drive. Usually this CD`s are with autorun feature. Just wait , do nothing and after few seconds the installing application will appear. Look at the possibilitys. You must see something like "Install" or "Install Drivers" or something differend , but very similar to "Install" or "Drivers". Follow the setup. Usually this process is short and easy , all you have to do is to click "Next" and "Finish" on the end. When you do this ... your player is now installed. And again - go to My Computer and look for the new icon - this is your mp3 player. So , you have installed you mp3 player already. Your Player Storage device will be located in My Computer , like i say before. All you have to do now is to click on it twice. When the digital player is brand new , there will be nothing - empty. So , go to your hard drives, Security alarm cable locate your music files. When you choose the music files you like to upload to the mp3 player, just copy them. Select -> Copy. Then go to Your mp3 player icon in My Computer ( the new icon , remember?) ,double click it ... and PASTE. Wait the copying process to complete and you are done. Now , switch OFF teh USB cable and enjoy your music. So , its easy , right? I hope this article , will be helpfull for some of you guys and galls.
Monday Dec 27 '17

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