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One of the greatest (and longest) rivalries in esports is about to get even better. Goncalo Guedes Jersey . SK Telecom T1 announced its re-signing of Lee Faker Sang-hyeok to an unprecedented offer. KT Rolster re-signed its captain and star jungler Go Score Dong-bin. SKT T1 answered with the signing of the worlds most explosive jungler in former ROX Tiger Han Peanut Wang-ho. SKT likes Tigers? So does KT, as it signed the Tigers ace and South Koreas reigning back-to-back MVP top laner Song Smeb Kyung-ho.The most storied pair in Korean esports history arent holding back this offseason, and the so-called Telecom War is shaping up to be at its best since the early days back in StarCraft: Brood Wars boom in the mid-2000s where money ruled.So, with each team having a majority of their starting five signed and the other positions heavily speculated, which telecommunication giant appears to be in the lead heading into the 2017 campaign?Top Lane: Huni (SKT) vs. Smeb (KT)Smeb will match up against a fellow offseason mover as Heo Huni Seung-hoon left Immortals to join SKT to replace Lee Duke Ho-seong.Currently, as of now in the middle of the wintery offseason, this matchup is a no-brainer. Smeb is an all-around talent and has been one of the best players in the world throughout 2016. Hes an established shot caller, strong laner, and flexible in his champion pool. Hes an elite ace in a league where you need one to go far.Huni is a diamond in the rough. Mechanically, he might even surpass Smeb; however, raw skill only gets you so far in this day and age, and Huni has a long way to go if he wants to match the double South Korean MVP. Huni is anything but flexible in his champion pool, and when it comes to keeping his cool under pressure, he has a habit of collapsing when things dont go his way.On the bright side, Huni is a natural genius when it comes to life. He was a Bronze player when he started out, and after applying himself, he became a top player on the ladder. He knew no English when he joined Fnatic as a rookie in 2015, and now he can conduct long interviews in the language without any formal training. Hes the type of person who can absorb knowledge quickly if pointed in the right direction, and there is no better place from him to learn than at SK Telecom T1, the three-time world champion. If SKT T1 cant bring out Hunis full potential, which might even surpass Smebs peak, then there is no team in the world that can change Hunis bad habits.Verdict: For now, strongly in the favor of KT Rolster.Jungle: Peanut (SKT) vs. Score (KT)This is another battle between a mechanical madman and an a experienced leader, except this time, Peanut has already progressed and covered up his bad habits he exhibited in his early days as a professional. Peanut, like Huni, was once a one-dimensional player who got by with his fantastic technical abilities, and it took Smeb, now his rival, and the rest of the Tigers to help him become what he is today: one of the best junglers in the world, if not the best.The player that challenges him directly for the title of best jungler in the world is Score. No one currently in the LCK has the knowledge that Score has, as the longtime veteran has been in the league since its inception, first playing as an AD carry before transitioning to a jungler two years ago. His play from last year was stellar, and he almost willed KT Rolster into the World Championships as the rest of his team failed around him.The revived Telecom War wont only tell us who probably the best team in South Korea, but who the best jungler in the world is as well.Verdict: Draw. Both players have an argument to be called the best jungler in the world, and the title will go to whichever of the two assimilates with his new starting five first.Mid: Faker (SKT) vs. PawN (KT)Of course KT would go out and sign the mid laner who has eliminated Faker from more than half the tournaments he has lost in his career. PawN is the Faker Stopper, or at least he was back in his Samsung and EDward Gaming days, even defeating his rival in the final of the Mid-Season Invitational back in 2015. Since then, however, the two have had diverging career paths, as Faker has gone on to win the subsequent MSI and both World Championships in that timeframe. PawN, sadly, has dealt with health issues and was in and out of the EDG lineup for the entirety of the 2016 campaign.Although it appears PawN is at 100 percent and ready to be the full-time starter for KT, itd be rash to predict him ready to stand up to Faker right away. Luckily for PawN, the setup for KT makes him the third option of attack behind Smeb and AD carry Kim Deft Hyuk-kyu, putting him the comfortable position of being the utility carry instead of needing to be the ace or secondary output of damage. PawN is at his absolute best when he doesnt have the ball in his hand and can defer to stronger teammates, like how he excelled on Samsung White in a similar superteam setting.Verdict: Strongly in favor of SKT. There are lots of questions surrounding PawN. If he can prove hes healthy and play near his old form, itll still be in the favor of Faker individually, but could change the tide of the head-to-head SKT vs. KT matchups.AD: Bang (AD) vs. Deft (KT)Like the matchup in jungle, this is another edition of the Telecom War giving us a battle between two of the best at their position in the world. Bang was undoubtedly the king of marksmen at Worlds, and Deft, who held the title in the eyes of many heading into the event, will need to take it away from the two-time world champion in his return to South Korea after playing in China for two years with PawN on EDward Gaming.All the pressure will be on Deft. For Bang, nothing changes for him, at least in the bottom lane -- its the same team he has been on for the past few years and his support, Wolf, is his Summoners Rift soulmate, as the two have been partners for almost their entire professional careers. The only change for Bang will come in the upper half of the map. Huni and Peanut are not utility players, and the gold situation might look more like 2015 when SKT was even a better team with Jang MaRin Gyeong-Hwan playing a bigger role in the top lane position. Bang was often used as cleanup in those days, and it wasnt until 2016 where he had his true breakout performances as an ace alongside Faker.For Deft, while his environment is different, hell now have more help in the top lane with the best player at that position in the world with Smeb. Deft will still be looked upon to carry the team in pivotal moments, but itll be much more like his days on Samsung Blue, where Bae Dade Eo-jin and himself created an unmatched teamfighting carry duo. Hell hope that he and Smeb can find the same amount of chemistry on the newly superpowered KT.Verdict: SKT favored but not by much. Bang vs. Deft will be one of biggest storylines of the 2017 LCK season.Support: Wolf (SKT) vs. Mata (KT)Mata is the biggest what-if of this whole equation. He makes the most sense, partnering up with his former Samsung housemate Deft to complete the KT Rolster superteam, but nothing concrete has said hell be joining. So while everything points to KT Mata, take this evaluation more as speculation than concrete details. Who knows, maybe Lee Piccaboo Jong-beom will return to KT if Rolster cant finalize a deal with Mata.If Mata does sign, it would be the biggest boon for the new KT Rolster, giving them a proven winner than has a knack to bring the full talent out of starting fives. If there was anyone youd want to anchor a superteam of five individuals, its Mata. He won a league title in his rookie season with MVP Ozone. The year after he became Worlds MVP and won the Summoners Cup with Samsung White. Over the past two years, hes been attempting to create the same magic in China, and he propped up a Royal Never Give Up club that won a domestic title and had a chance of winning the 2016 MSI competition. In the face of more money to stay in China, Mata declined, setting his sights back on South Korea and a chance to cement his legacy as the greatest support in Leagues history.Wolf, often forgotten in the grand scheme of things, actually has one more world title than Mata. And while Im not going to say Wolf is a better individual player than Mata, nor that hes a player who brings all the intangibles and leadership qualities you could ever want from a player, but its not like Wolf is a sieve. Hes above average for the most part, and coming from a 2015 campaign where his lows were almost disastrous for SKT, his play this past year was stellar.Verdict: Its KT favored if Mata signs. Hes the final piece that can take the four talented individuals in front of him to even greater heights as a full-fledged unit.Keep tabs on the League of Legends offseason roster shuffle with updated, insider information on our landing page. Angel Di Maria Jersey . Its an influence in football and a big part of the game. Lucas Moura Jersey . Now tied for second in the league in shootout goals, the 24-year-old likes to see what the opposing goaltender has in store before he ultimately lands on a move. http:///...aint-Germain-Jersey/ . -- The Magic have their first victory of the new year. The AFL Commission will meet on Tuesday night to debate one of the final acts of the Essendon supplements saga.Jobe Watson relieved the Commission of the onerous task of stripping him of the 2012 Brownlow Medal when he announced hed hand it back.I guess itll be something that eventually Ill move on from, but at the moment it hurts a bit, Watson told reporters on Monday.The 31-year-old was one of the 34 past and present players who were banned for the 2016 season for anti-doping code violations arising from the clubs ill-fated 2012 supplements program.He won the Brownlow ahead of Richmonds Trent Cotchin and Sam Mitchell - then with Hawthorn - who were tied for second.Watson gave his medal back and the Commission has to decide whether to leave the 2012 Brownlow winner blank or with an asterisk in record books or strike two new medals to give to Cotchin and Mitchell.The Commission is believed to be split on which course of action to take.Cotchin is on record as saying that he would accept the AFLs highest individual honour in the case of Watsons disqualification, while Mitchell hasnt made hiss thoughts on the issue public. Kevin Trapp Paris Saint-Germain Jersey. .Both were invited to make submissions to the Commission to establish a case for being awarded medals but they both declined, as did Watson, who said on Monday he didnt have an opinion on whether the pair should receive the honour.The 34 banned players have steadfastly maintained their innocence and Watson has been at pains to make it clear his decision had not been an admission of guilt.The Bombers released a statement soon after Watsons announcement, taking full responsibility for the situation and offering him an unreserved apology.Port Adelaide forward Angus Monfries told reporters he felt for his former teammate after he was allowed to speak to the media for the first time since he was suspended in January.As a friend of Jobes, Im shattered for him. Its not a nice situation for him to be put in, Monfries said.Im not sure (if its the right call). Just shattered for a friend that hes had to be put in that situation. 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