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New Jordans 2017 the word has not need me to do more to introduce, Nike's two co-founder Phil Knight, Bill Bowerman and legendary designer Tinker Hatfield are UO alumni, so Nike and the University of Oregon are inextricably linked Relationship, and this pair of Air Jordan 4 "Oregon Ducks" is Jordan Brand and UO heavyweight works, the shoes to the University of Oregon football team for the design inspiration, so the heel at the feeling of electroplating to design, meaning rugby The shape of the helmet. Air Jordan 4 Marquette University PE has rumored to be commercially available, but unfortunately with the passage of time, the shoe has not yet any relevant commercially available information, the upper to Marquette University iconic navy and yellow Collocation, white connection. May be a lot of people on the name of Marquette University slightly strange, NBA superstar "Dwyane" Wade has studied at this school.
The 2017 Air Jordan Shoes as Jordan's alma mater, Jordan Brand every year for the school to launch a large number of related color, and also for many young players to launch exclusive color matching , Even so, Air Jordan 4 "UNC" is still particularly special, the identity is still high above, lining, in the end and heel printed with North Carolina jerseys match the pattern, very atmospheric. Inside and outside the tongue are embroidered with UNC-related elements. In the eyes of Jordan Brand, Georgetown University is also considered a darling object, and this section Air Jordan 4 "Georgetown" one can be stunning audience, classic Georgetown University color is very representative, and on the upper Laser on a very beautiful lines, the tongue inside the embroidered with "G" words, while the outside is Georgetown University iconic Bulldog Logo, we are familiar with the NBA legend star Ewing and Iverson are graduated for the school.
If in recent years, Kyrie 3 For Sale as an annual sales of the devil, then AIRJORDAN4 can be called the pressure of the road essential shoes, in addition to AIRJORDAN1, Uncle personally think that AIRJORDAN4 shoes is the most wild shoes, no AIRJORDAN11 and other shoes Of the heavy, not like the previous year's AIRJORDAN31 generation like the actual combat style so heavy. Nike Jordan 4 generation is a milestone meaning a classic shoes, like Nike Jordan4 students will not be unfamiliar, the first with a flight logo, the first application of mesh material, as well as new air cushion and other design. Time interval 10 years AirJordan4 "PureMoney" in May return, bring pure white dress fresh vitality! Is still familiar with the white shoes and soles, plus metal chrome texture of the decorations, this a "little white shoes" to attract, I believe many fans are sure to pay for fans!

New Jordans 2017 is embodied in the various elements of the basketball court, both physically and mentally. Bryant's obsession with basketball training is well known, but little is known that the fifth championship winner is also interested in the external factors that affect human behavior. Color psychology is one of them, Bryant particularly concerned about the color, attitude and emotional link between. The new KOBE AD to help the shoes into the Bryant's color experience, to show how different colors on his personal different effects, and as a basis for the introduction of five matching shoes, from different angles to show Kobe Bryant on the self-promotion The relentless pursuit. The series contains five pairs of different colors of Kobe AD Mid, the design concept is from Kobe's "Mamba spirit", he was the way of color psychology to this spirit to be more detailed interpretation.
In the configuration of the 2017 Air Jordan Shoes, the upper to join the fly line, the tongue is more thin, followed by TPU package to cortex, the overall design reflects the more lightweight concept, while not reducing the actual performance of the shoes themselves, and shoes to help The design also increased the protection of the ankle site. The whole series to bring you a lot of surprises really! In the eyes of most people, the world's biggest fear comes from the unknown, but Bryant really fearless, which is "Mamba spirit" one of the synonyms. The "Mamba Spirit", represented by "fearlessness", is the courage to take part in the world's strongest tournament and know that to be the best, be sure to beat the best player first. Kevin relentless pursuit of the great process (some critics think it is not realistic), the supreme belief is particularly important. Bryant, while being questioned by others, would instead motivate himself to become more confident and eventually prove to everyone that he could not be questioned.
Kyrie 3 For Sale, gray represents superior, yellow represents positive, red represents passion, lake blue stands calmly. Five pairs of shoes in the design details are different, respectively, with different patterns and design to promote their own expression of the spirit of Mamba."Basketball game does not exist perfect, try to reduce the error is perfect," Bryant said. "You need to reflect on yourself, honestly face yourself, think about your current situation, what is your goal, how to achieve your goals, think about these issues will help you face and accept your weaknesses and improve yourself , "Bryant said. Positive, the most indispensable part of the spirit of Manba, if there is no positive attitude, that Bryant will become mediocre.With a positive attitude to face all things, whether good or bad, this is Kobe Bryant in the basketball on the road the most determined attitude.Bright yellow, to interpret the spirit of the positive attitude of Manba is undoubtedly the most appropriate, people often say "sunshineAlways in the storm ", the pure yellow with you appear on the pitch above, Bryant's positive attitude will make youFeel strength.

KOBE series of New Jordans 2017 are often in the upper shoes on the big fuss. Before the Zoom Kobe 3 to the black Mamba for the inspiration of the TPU uppers, Zoom Kobe 4 as the first low to help Flywire signature shoes, Zoom Kobe 6 imitation snakes on the polyurethane gauze, Kobe 9 Elite on the Flyknit uppers and Two huge side of the carbon plate and so on. And this pair of Kobe A.D. NXT biggest and most intuitive features is the new shoelace lock system. The new lace lock system can be seen as a combination of Flyknit + traditional shoelaces, according to the different needs of each foot from the direction of the package to ensure that the perfect combination of feet and shoes. Kobe A.D. NXT in the end of the back to the KOBE XI detachable full palm Lunarlon + followed by Zoom Air's technology configuration portfolio.
2017 Air Jordan Shoes is still familiar with Eric Avar. It is Eric Avar for the leadership of the design team to listen to the recommendations of Kobe, to create a new shoelace lock system, to help Kobe and other players with "Mamba spirit" players do not have to worry about the troubles of the shoelaces The Kobe A.D. NXT stands for minimalist aesthetics. The first two colors "Volt" and "Wolf Gray" have chosen a solid color upper design, with a Mamba pattern of Nike Swoosh and white in the end. Kobe wanted a pair of simple and beautiful shoes, Kobe A.D. NXT done, and let Kobe I am very satisfied. Early in the Kobe Bryant retired, the Nike Kobe series of shoes will continue the topic has been the focus of debate, now accompanied by the beginning of the new season, we will also spend the first time without a Kobe Bryant season. However, Nike did not let us down, the new Nike Kobe boots on schedule.
Kyrie 3 For Sale, Kobe series of new shoes even canceled the name of the traditional name, this approach can not help but make people into thinking. And in my opinion, to break the tradition, to create new areas, it is Nike and Kobe and other teams have been doing things. Have to admire Nike in the creative ahead of the unprecedented. This is the new "A.D.".The new shoe conference site is also filled with elements to bid farewell to the new theme. Kobe some important moments of the photo and represent the past No. 8 jersey, surrounded by white candle, chrysanthemum and skull. Earlier exposure of the preheat picture, Kobe face covered by the totem of the souls of the souls of the West, the souls of the festival is to cherish the ancestors and celebrate the new festival, people believe that "death is actually the life of the back", death is more Good start. Kobe's 20-year career, along with Kobe's Nike Kobe series, came to an end from the moment he retired. And Nike Kobe A.D. is a new starting point, bringing new life and new challenges. As he retired after he opened a new life as a new challenge.

New Jordans 2017 Although the official color has not yet brought us a stunning experience, but the actual combat performance, as well as Flyknit braided upper visual performance, make NIKEiD personality custom models quite popular in the street occasionally See the bright spots of customization. Kobe and Avar set the personal story elements for KOBE 11 in the entire signature series has a very high standard. The official release of the first color Achilles Heel is the case, the combination of deep red and black is not only a tribute to the Greek hero Achilles, but also for Kobe personal career experience of the symbol and tribute. You may feel that this pair of shoes deja vu. A closer look is not the case. See the pearl fibers on the shoes? This is a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) fiber that represents a technological advance. Despite the fine, but more tough Nike Flyknit technology has declared the arrival of innovation. Low-sleeved shoes designed to make the athlete's ankle can have a more full play, while the characteristics of the upper material also selected a more high-strength fiber material.
Making the whole pair of 2017 Air Jordan Shoes, the material characteristics can have a more full play, while the evaluation of the data on the nike kobe 11 also has a very good performance. Tolerance is the key data in the basic evaluation, from the detection of the situation of this series of shoes soles have better than other types of shoes strength. So that it can easily in the game have a more perfect performance for the athlete's foot pressure release also has a great help.Designer for Eric Avar, not before rumors of Tinker Hatfield. Eric Avar is also a talented shoe design expert, with Kobe Bryant has a very close relationship. As the father of Huarache 2K4, Eric is involved in the design and development of a number of classic shoes and important technology, including spray Posite, Free soles, Flywire dynamic fly line, Kobe Bryant ZK3, ZK4, ZK5, Kobe 8, Kobe 9 , Kobe 10, and the upcoming reverberation of the Hyperdunk '08 are his classic works.Both have an "unyielding" body and fragile heel, so the Achilles Heel color will be attached to the shoes and then on behalf of Kobe and Achilles respectively.At first glance, low-help design and simple outline feel very familiar.
Kyrie 3 For Sale, these two shoes should have its charm, in the shoes of some of the details of the design will be very beautiful, and because these two shoes are basketball Star cooperation section, so the fans are also very much, the advantages of their own design, coupled with the body and the popularity of the continuous improvement of the function, the whole of these two shoes in fact there will be a lot of common ground, in the Usually wearing is also very practical.Nike Kobe series has ushered in the 11th generation, in the next, Nike Basketball will release a number of new Kobe 11 color. Artist Brett Drake has recently designed several Nike Kobe 11 concept colors, and he also hopes that the design of their own color can eventually come true. The color of the inspiration comes from all aspects, from kobe's draft day, bull color, breast cancer color, etc., there is the meaning of respect for Jordan. The upper half of the soles of the upper is very hard, with protective and lateral support. And then half of the foot is comfortable fit the fabric material.

New Jordans 2017. At that time AirJordan series chief designer Pete - Moore and on behalf of nike and signed the Strauss suddenly announced his resignation, they are ready to establish a separate portal, the establishment of a company called "Van - Glak" company, to create a only belong to Jordan s brand. And they also designed a Jordan shoes, ready to re-create a new series for Jordan. For nike, this is indeed a tough opponent, because they and Jordan's relationship is too close. Stella is Jordan is very respected people, and Pitt's design talent is more admirable Jordan. Jordan's agent David Falk has received a planning report from Van-Glac. Van - Glac company hopes to become full - time representative of Jordan, not only in terms of shoes, Jordan will also be the other product development and sales. For the time of Jordan, all the goods are contracted out is definitely a cost-effective business. Van - Glake and Nike compete for Jordan between the fighting, the industry compared to the "business world war". If Air Jordan3 can not achieve a breakthrough, do not rule out the possibility of Jordan and nike beat away the two.
The first two generations of 2017 Air Jordan Shoes design and development is basically completed by the company nike, Jordan's personal opinion mixed with not much. Air Jordan 1 is equivalent to Air Force1 "color upgrade", Air Jordan2 is completed in the Italian design. It is impossible for Michael to think about it. Hartfield is not, he invited Jordan to participate in shoe development, so that Jordan from a designer's point of view to create this shoe. As a result, the harvest was quite productive. For example, Air Jordan two generations of shoes are high to help, Jordan Air Jordan3 can slightly reduce the height of the upper, to ensure stability while improving flexibility. Also in the development process, two people are interested in a kind of imitation elephant material, which is later fame "burst crack" ... ...
Kyrie 3 For Sale as the first pair of shoes with Jumpman Logo Jordan shoes, behind there are many worthy of our remember the details. It is Nike famous designer Tinker Hatfield solely responsible for the design of the first pair of Jordan shoes, Air Jordan 3 appears, so that will leave Nike's trapeze back to heart, which can continue to write Air Jordan shoes brilliant. And it is also the first exposed air cushion Air Jordan shoes, the first use of cracked basketball shoes. Double shoes for two consecutive seasons with Jordan won the scoring title, and won the NBA regular season MVP, as well as the NBA All-Star Game MVP and his second dunk contest title! And the previous two generations is different, Air Jordan 3 is a by the then unknown designers to complete, he is Tinker Hatfield, Jordan Brand in the future design director. This wave of AJ 3 starting from the beginning of the year in 1988, until the end of 2016, all commercially available version of the color display. So far the total sales of 39 AJ 3, which re-engraved the most times the "black cement" and "white cement" were 4 times, and "True Blue" and "Fire Red" are re-engraved 2 times.

With the famous Jordan statue as the theme, New Jordans 2017 on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of this Air Jordan 9 "Statue" bronze color. This statue stands in front of the Chicago Union Center, the statue of the trapeze debut in November 1, 1994, the statue of Jordan is the foot of the Air Jordan 9. Air Jordan 6 is MJ first to win the NBA championship when wearing boots. Air Jordan 6 Retro engraved men's sports shoes with bold hit color design, with smooth lines of perforated vamps to commemorate the first time to win the brilliant MJ. In the details, the upper of the Umbrella leather, leather and fabric combination of the upper to ensure a good breathability; Phylon in the end with a heel at the visible Air-Sole air cushion, shock effect is obvious. Translucent outsole durable wear, excellent grip.
Tribute to Michael Jordan short baseball career, 2017 Air Jordan Shoes has launched a number of related topics in the shoes, Air Jordan 1, Air Jordan 9 and Air Jordan 13 and so on this year's Air Jordan 11 Low, this year the brand will also launch two Air Jordan 9 to recall this time, two pairs of shoes and back numbers were used at the time MJ's back "35" and "45" embellishment, design inspiration from baseball essential gloves, the color presented From the team used by the color, brown, black two pairs of shoes with a very handy and Rouran leather production, and gloves should be the same material, and sideways weaving details from the gloves, in the white outsole contrast , Highlight the luxury texture.Jordan Brand in this year for us to bring the Air Jordan 9, and it is learned next year will bring back the low version of the Air Jordan 9. The first exposure of the two is expected to be commercially available color, respectively, is quite popular Pantone color and a Derek Anderson PE version of the Air Jordan 9 Low.
In the color, Kyrie 3 For Sale with the fight outsole, without losing the sports atmosphere at the same time, to create a bold avant-garde design style. To sum up, AJ6 is a pair of good shoes, but not a good pair of real combat shoes. Now it seems a little bit embarrassing positioning. This Air Jordan 9 "Anthracite" also with the arrival of the fall was put on the sale of the schedule, the shoes with carbon black through the shoe body, the use of multi-material changes highlight the sense of layering shoes, and finally with white details to be embellished , The overall low-key calm also without losing domineering. From the foot of the picture, this Air Jordan 9 "Anthracite" itself has a high ornamental fashion, presumably also many fans of the favorite object.If used as a professional basketball shoes. In the end of the missing and the end of the general grip so that I can not rest assured that the control, and modern basketball shoes do have a gap. But his value is not reflected in the actual combat, but on behalf of an era, a classic bar.

This New Jordans 2017 collection Swoosh logo, Air Jordan wing logo and captive eye color design for the Air Jordan classic series in the years of innovation and development laid the keynote. Since this design is committed to rewrite the footwear history has been more than thirty years, and now, this Air Jordan virgin with the first edition of the sapphire blue / black color engraved return. Selected the Air Jordan 1 generation of shoes the most classic 3 color, Royal, Bred and Chicago soul possessed three in one! To create this to the blue and red mandarin duck as the main line of the new color. To buy a pair of top three pairs of wonderful feeling came into being, this Air Jordan 1 "Top 3" with its bright show mandarin duck dress, and a unique visual atmosphere, but also concern, high popularity!This is a legend to open the legend of the design.
2017 Air Jordan Shoes, the overall use of almost 100% OG first year of the details of the show, and last year's engraved Air Jordan 1 OG Retro High "Bred" using the same formula. The re-engraved Nike Swoosh, toe and heel are used blue lychee skin material, familiar and charming black and blue with the same white outsole lining. The most heavy shoes this month, Air Jordan 4 x Kaws has been the perfect ending, the next debut of this Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG "Royal" is bound to once again set off the topic of global shoes fans. Returning to the royal blue dress with smooth leather combined with litchi skin to create, excellent quality. Tongue on the tongue of the first year of the details of the show, it is memorable.
This Kyrie 3 For Sale has only been engraved twice, respectively, in 2001 and 2013. After a lapse of 4 years, and finally in May this year, shelves, priced at 160 US dollars. And this classic first year color matching the re-engraved will also use "Nike Air" LOGO,Before called "What the", and the high degree of concern about this pair of shoes, after several false news exposure, and finally opened the veil. Named "TOP 3", the reason is to draw a generation of three pairs of classic color "Chicago," "Banned" and "Royal" part, reorganized, and opened the mandarin duck model. Air Jordan 1 this year can be described as a variety of colors, such as the following The Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Top 3. Jordan Brand will AJ1 three classic color "Royal", "Banned" and "Chicago" into one, and take mandarin duck design, Finally equipped with white midsole and blue outsole finish. After a lapse of four years to return to the love of the classic black blue believe that no one can resist.

Paul eighth generation boots playoff version. AIR JORDAN series of New Jordans 2017 in the sales and market demand far ahead of other products, the annual sports shoes industry to establish a higher design, innovation and functional benchmarking. The core of the series is the perfect combination of athletes and technology - the most dazzling star in the history of basketball Michael Jordan, and accompanied by superstar experienced brilliant career basketball shoes, highlighting his ability to function, innovation and achievements of the relentless pursuit. JORDAN CP3.VIII AE This is Chris Paul's eighth generation of boots playoff version, from the overall point of view of little change in shoes, at least in the end and outsole has not made a change. Change the upper, the previous braided upper to the mesh with the dynamic flying line design. And the tongue of the design has changed, instead of left and right feet of different designs, one is the flying logo, the other is only Paul personal LOGO.
When it comes to 2017 Air Jordan Shoes, or think of AIR JORDAN shoes, design also focus on shooting guard and small forward, and more to Flight and Jumpman's role to describe the "trapeze" mark, which is because Michael Jordan's original. Since Chris Paul became a member of JORDAN BRAND, and in 2008 since he launched CP3 series, JORDAN shoes will play a subtle change. Chris Paul - height 183m, with superb dribbling skills and speed, in the 2013 NBA advertising more metaphor his action fast, showing its speed has long been recognized. The CP3 series has been emphasizing the light, providing a quicker response to the players, and Jayson Mayden, who has been involved in the design of the CP3 series (I to VI generation), described Chris Paul as a motorcycle on a golf course, Elusive, so the designer has tried a lot of design inspiration to meet him; for example, the concept of five football and the Hornet, but also the use of high tube and tube design, and even use Air Max.
Kyrie 3 For Sale, but unfortunately the design direction is confusing. Since the third generation cited PODULON technology, the entire CP3 series will be new positioning. By 2013, Justin Taylor for the 7th generation CP3 shoes design, and come up with another idea "The Need For Speed", the design of a basketball court sports car.It's no special, but designer Justin Taylor does not seem to have made a pair of basketball shoes for Chris Paul. He's thinking about how to make a sports car that can drive on the floor; he wants to think about how to make a basketball shoe. Out on both sides of the shoe body like a Ferrari concept car Sergio engine vents to Chris Paul two children for the vehicle identification number, and even the heel plus the rear lights for decoration. The sports car on this stadium is quite adequate for everyday use, but for the sub-tournament, the general design is not enough to cope with this intense competition, so Justin Taylor transforms CP3.VII for CP3.VII.

When people think that New Jordans 2017 at the foot of the Air Jordan series will leave with the basketball court when Jordan, NIKE is still under pressure to launch the Air Jordan 9. Speaking of Air Jordan 9, can be described as the Air Jordan series of life experience the most unfortunate generation. As the 14th generation before the only pair of shoes have not been wearing Jordan, Air Jordan 9 as if the whole family of an abandoned child, in the Air Jordan series which seemed so inconspicuous. Air Jordan 9 has a smooth and simple upper, the initial release, it is the vast majority of white / black / red color. However, the details of this pair of shoes design is the most out of color where the heel of the earth logo to make this pair of shoes, the idea of ​​globalization has been fully reflected. The words or words made in German, Japanese, Swahili, Russian, French and Italian have highlighted the world's taste of the whole pair of shoes.
Hartfield explained, "When we started to develop 2017 Air Jordan Shoes, Michael just went to Asia to participate in Nike's promotional activities, so this shoe more or less influenced by the Asian culture. Soles of the various text embodies the world Of the idea, then Michael Jordan has not only the hero of the American worship, but also the hero of the world fans. Heel of the trapeze marks for the first time and the earth together, a symbol of flying over the whole earth flying "Although Hastfeld admits that Air Jordan 9 has not made a big breakthrough in terms of performance, but this pair of shoes or with a new midsole structure, so that the feet can be better fixed in the shoes. And Harsfield also admitted that he favored the Air Jordan 9, he later said: "Air Jordan 9 just caught up with Michael's retirement, so it has become the first pair of Michael did not pass in the game Jordan shoes But in the statue of the trapeze in front of the United Center, he was wearing this pair of shoes, when the statue of the person in charge and asked me a pair of shoes more appropriate to appear on the statue.
I thought, or recommended Kyrie 3 For Sale, after all, this is the first pair of shoes after retirement, the most symbolic and commemorative significance.Then, Michael told me that in the baseball field he also wanted to wear familiar Jordan shoes, so we again Air Jordan 9 into The baseball shoes.We can see, Air Jordan 9 please 8 generations of complicated design, re-return to the simple, bright style. There is no modification of the slope directly above is a row of fast lace system. The front face of the EVA extension provides a very good anti-rollover effect. Feet inside the design and more fit the arch, providing a good support. In addition to Air Jordan 9 is still the continuation of the previous two generations of boots design, wrapped first class. And in the Air Jordan 9 began to design, when Jordan in Japan to participate in NIKE promotional activities. So we see that this shoe more or less received a little Asian culture, the typical is the soles of the eye-catching Japanese - the world of sports. In addition, the soles of the various text also reflects the idea of globalization, when Jordan is not just the hero of the American mind, it is the world's sports fans worship idol. And the heel of the trapeze logo and the superposition of the earth pattern is a sign of flying over the whole earth.

In 1996, New Jordans 2017, once again rewritten the history of footwear products. This shiny and yet classic design of the classic release, when Michael Jordan returned to the basketball arena. Since then, the model has launched a series of classic color. Now, the classic models used in the 1995 playoffs with Michael Jordan debut stadium, the completion of the shoe debut in the first year of the design, re-return to public view. After two years, the first year of the type of re-engraved return to Air Jordan XI to pay tribute. This innovative engraved version of the use of excellent structure with patent leather to create high-help design, and delicate harmony of blue elements and followed by sewing 45 words constitute a coordinated whole.
2017 Air Jordan Shoes can be said to be in the Air Jordan series of important shoes, the first time in the Air Jordan shoes on the use of patent leather material, patent leather use of Air Jordan 11 more in line with Michael - Jordan identity, and other parts of the upper Then the use of nylon material, not only to reduce the weight of the shoes also improve the durability of shoes. For the first time in the bottom part of the use of the link before the palm and the back of the large area of the carbon plate design, a large area of carbon plate to use the shoes of the anti-torsion and protection of the arch is more excellent, the use of carbon plate is also giant Giant reduced the weight of the shoes in the end, and carbon fiber toughness and strength than the average TPU even better.
Kyrie 3 For Sale is not just a new dress for 11-generation shoes, it reminds me of the 1995-1996 rebirth of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Remind me of, not just the Champion celebration of cigar champagne, as well as in the locker room on the floor crying MJ, of course, belong to the Bulls many glorious titles, scoring king MJ, rebounds Wang Rodman, sixth of the year Kukoqi, the best coach Zen Master, and also selected the first lineup of Pippen.Air Jordan 11 as Michael Jordan's favorite Air Jordan is on behalf of the shoes, the same is also a lot of shoes lovers in the eyes of the best choice. Unique shape and good combat performance, so that both inside and outside the game have won the favor of people. In addition to a few commercially available color, there are still many non-commercial Air Jordan 11, many of them have amazing works.Air Jordan 11 Phylon in the end did not use the newly developed Zoom Air, but the use of a more stable full palm Air Sole cushioning, and crystal outsole design makes Air Jordan 11 more "charming."

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