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New Jordans 2017 has been loved by shoes lovers, this year JORDAN BRAND also sold several pairs of Oreo color shoes, this one will be on November 29 sale of AIR JORDAN 5 "OREO" has been many times Exposure, but also received a lot of fans praise.This shoe with black suede upper, white in the end with black and white ink spray pattern pattern, still use the blue crystal outsole.This year is the Air Jordan 5's 23-year-old birthday, so re-engraved army which certainly indispensable figure, and will be a key. Although the current can only enjoy through the picture, but the texture and the details needless to say, just to see already able to feel. The sale time is scheduled for the US Crazy Shopping Festival "Black Friday", that is, Thanksgiving Day (November 28, US time) after the day, please pay attention to the specific sale letter.
2017 Air Jordan Shoes has always been Air Jordan big play theme and engraved direction, this time that many engraved version of the Air Jordan 5 will have Oreo color, AJ fans should be good news, because this color has been by fans Favorable, the use of the classic Air Jordan 5 body, then will lead to panic buying.AIR JORDAN 5 RETRO engraved men's basketball shoes This section of color to JORDAN alma mater Lenny high school for inspiration and carefully designed, white main body covering the entire body, sapphire blue and yellow and yellow dotted in the end, outsole and tongue, eye-catching The dazzling colors faithfully restore the charm of Lenny's high school color. Wear-resistant transparent and solid color rubber outsole keep dazzling personality design at the same time play a more excellent grip performance, heel and the hands of the domineering of the trapeze logo reproduction JORDAN glare.
Kyrie 3 For Sale Equipped with PU midsole and visible AIR air cushion design, for the take-off, emergency stop and landing on the field to provide reliable protection, even in the face of today's more intense fight against the war situation, still can help you; Solid color rubber outsole perfect blend, combined with multi-way to the word lines, creating a stunning appearance at the same time can enhance the flexibility of the foot to move the required strong grip.JORDAN wind kite series to wind kite free soaring trend, highlighting the unique "flying" concept. High-quality nylon and leather leather upper appearance fashion, comfortable fit, followed by equipped with visual Air-Sole air cushion, combined with the front palm hidden air cushion, to achieve extraordinary cushioning effect, translucent rubber outsole with herringbone shading, Ground force, outsole bending groove design, so that flexibility and ease of action, buckle buckle adjustment design, bringing personalized fit comfortable wearing effect, mesh design to enhance the breathable effect.

New Jordans 2017 has been the birth of the sky as its own limit, the new third-generation products are still the impact of the sky and make unremitting efforts. The team of designers worked with Clippers star Blake Griffin to create a new basketball shoe with rigorous competition tests with his outstanding performance and actual needs on the pitch and Hope for its best performance, help athletes "flying" performance. When Jordan Brand to # TakeFlight # as a new slogan, we know that there have been countless brilliant brands can be used to enter the room with Jordan Shine shoes into the luxury sector, you can also use the Air Jordan series to occupy the trend, and even with the Dunk SB has become a leader in the street sector.
2017 Air Jordan Shoes, the legend of the basketball court is to return to the stadium after all, for this reality faction representatives on stage, even if XX8 and XX9 has become the representative of this school, and Jordan Super.Fly debut in 2012 Is the representative of combat boots, and now has reached the third generation of it can be self-contained.Flying, in many competitive sports can be achieved, the flight of basketball is not just the dunk when the shock, there are players for the jump height of the challenge to the beginning and end are no limit, which gives us unlimited possibilities.However, the Los Angeles Clippers on the season when the core Paul was injured for a long time, but by virtue of Blake Griffin's excellent play, the Clippers still into the playoffs. Griffin's last season's growth for all to see, his feet that Jordan Super.Fly 2 also accompanied by his repeated take-off impact of people's attention.
With the new basketball season is about to begin,Kyrie 3 For Sale launched a new generation of actual combat shoes - Jordan Super.Fly 3.Jordan recently released a new generation of Super.Fly 3 shoes, Super.Fly has been successfully launched two generations, as one of the most players wearing a team of shoes, including Griffin, including many players have been wearing this series of shoes. Super.Fly 3 continue to use Flight Plate midsole technology, the upper is the latest Flight Web material, which is the latest generation of AJ XX9 uppers material.Griffin "vacated flying" style of competition is the design inspiration for this shoe, Jordan Brand aims to build a pair can help him jump higher, more explosive basketball shoes. To this end, the design team in the new boots in the use of the upgraded version of FlightPlate technology, so that the power from the heel to the toe more efficient and smooth transition, ready to provide sufficient power for the take-off, and enhance the energy of the front foot Nike Zoom unit back

New Jordans 2017 has a very bright and beautiful JumpmanLogo, coupled with the innovative shape of shoes, Air Jordan6 is very delicate. At the same time Air Jordan 6 also continued Air Jordan5 plastic lace with elastic buckle design, to know that this design was very popular at that time, almost the same period most people in the eyes of sports shoes good or bad "ruler." Tiner Air Jordan5 used in the plastic buckle buckle design was improved to make it more compact, you can easily tighten the shoelaces, but also played a very good decorative effect.The same to commemorate Jordan's first championship for the theme, this champion champagne color Air Jordan 6 "Champagne" with a shiny green upper, dotted with gold details, and the highlights lies in the tongue, heel shoes and Big end with luminous effect.
In this way, 2017 Air Jordan Shoes has become a pair of epoch-making sense of a pair of shoes. In order to ensure the smooth process of wearing shoes, we deliberately designed some holes in the tongue, the finger can be found from the leveraging point. Michael looked very happy, he suggested that we also use a similar design in the heel. This is the first time that sports functions, fashion elements and humanization are combined together. Through the course of the test proved that this pair of shoes can also be on the ankle can play a very good protective effect.Choose the last day of the sale of Air Jordan 6 "Black Cat", presumably will become the focus of many Sneakerhead attention! Shoes as a whole through the black, all over the toe and shoe body punching texture is the biggest highlight of this time, in the end of the details of the white decoration, like a dark shiny eyes, and insoles on the Logo is the subject, perfect Fit color name!
Inspired by MJ's jackpot jacket in the Kyrie 3 For Sale in 1991, Jordan Brand created the Jordan 6 "Promo Jacket". The biggest feature of the shoe is the upper material from the green suede and nylon stitching, with black elements and crystal at the end of holding, shoes to create a stock of thick retro tough guy wind.As the name suggests is six championship rings, is to commemorate the main fact in his basketball career won six NBA championships and students. Bangzhu in the six finals through six AJ is the generation, respectively, Jordan 6 generation 7 generation 8 generation 11 generation 12 generation 13 generation 6 Rings upper and lower are their shadow, count a very successful hybrid shoes. Said 6 Rings is the gods fit, that is not too much.

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