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2017, is the New Jordans 2017 re-engraved years, Jordan Brand in the month for the majority of Jordan shoes fans bring a new color shoes. In October, dedicated to everyone's Jordan 6 engraved female shoes is the Air Jordan 6 GS AJ6 Joe 6 "Fierce Green". And the previously described aj 6 gs white and blue color is similar to the upper to the main color of white, it is simple and generous, but also easy to match. This Air Jordan 6 GS AJ6 Joe 6 snow white white and white color shoes and shoes in the end there are heel trapeze classic logo and other details of the use of Apple green color, so that shoes are very eye-catching. And then supplemented by the Navy blue details embellishment, the overall effect is quite eye-catching, fresh. Many generations of Jordan shoes, AJ 6 is the Nike Jordan series of 6th generation basketball shoes, because it is the first time Jordan won the NBA championship when wearing basketball shoes, so for many Jordan fans have a special significance. Among them, the black and red color and cherry wood flower pattern is the most classic Air Jordan 6 color. However, the 2017 Air Jordan Shoes re-engraved version of the girls for the introduction of color, the more girls style, fresh and bright, fashion wild .Today, this much-anticipated Air Jordan 6 black / ray red finally look forward to the official listing! The new engraved shoes produced by the black cow frosted leather, and with crystal outsole and ray red details, the perfect presentation of the classic shape, based on the first year of the shoes is to join the new 3M reflective elements, making shoes Section more fashion sense. The original pair of limited edition is a trapeze of Jordan's championship and the Brian trophy as a source of inspiration. The metal-like bright gold as the main colors, supplemented by white as a color, while the crystal outsole into the details of the powder to interpret the entire shoe concept. And this Air Jordan 6 is a member of the "Pinnacle" series, so both the design and the details of the highlights are of great interest. Kyrie 3 For Sale done in this area is very good, very satisfied, the key benefit from this color AJ6 turn the fur and the tall upper. There are no boots in the configuration of the boots, but the tongue is connected with the low, and multi-shoe hole design and turn the fur material to determine the AJ6 wrapped in place, there is no thin feeling, and to ensure that the package at the same time AJ6 ventilation holes No longer just furnishings, it is to force. How much this is due to no boots it. But the tall upper is not suitable for the appearance of summer (but I am very responsible to tell you that this shoe is their own wearing a cool, others look at the kind of heat), it is this high upper in the ankle protection The area is given a very good guarantee, at least not like ZK5, looking at people are worried, but may be a bit too high, and feel like the ankle terminator of the defender shoes, but for my inside is very useful, this is also I am the only place to be satisfied with AJ6.

New Jordans 2017 as the AJ series popular girls one of the styles, GS style of the sale is also more and more, following the earlier launch of a variety of fine color, this time ushered in the Air Jordan 13 GS "Wolf Gray" The This month, Jordan Brand will launch a new Air Jordan 13 GS "Wolf Gray" color for female friends. Design, the Air Jordan 13 overall use of the wolf gray as the main tone, with pink details embellishment, and joined the iconic leopard eye design decoration in the back of the upper, and finally equipped with white in the end and echo the upper rubber outsole end. The overall shape to simple and fresh cool gray dress mainly composed of high-quality leather made of the tail decorated with classic green cat's eye, with white in the end of the end. To create a delicate vitality of the performance, presumably the foot effect must be good Gray Jordan 13 shoes, classic Air Jordan 13 Retro's new color to bring the heel of the heel, showing the design of the black leopard eye for the original design hologram shape. Toe of the wolf gray tone and in the end of the white insoles and white filled leather upper complement each other. Trapeze logo and outsole into tropical blue tones.
2017 Air Jordan Shoes material plus 3M reflective vamps are well engraved with the design of the first year, but this is not enough for many AJ fans, because they are still looking forward to 5 double the first year of re-engraved. This pair of classic white red AJ13 to Chicago Bulls white and red for the design inspiration, choose a more leather full leather version. Large area of ​​the upper use of white grain leather material, creating a high-end luxury texture. Both sides and followed by the use of red suede material, and with the red EVA in the end into one. Followed by external test inlaid with a classic green cat's eye design, put together can be made as "heart-shaped." Configuration on the end of the use of the front and back palm Zoom, forefoot feedback quickly, after the palm comfortable cushioning. 3/4 large area of ​​carbon plate to reverse the ability to more perfect. This time the first year of engraved engraved men and children will be launched size, both men and women can start this pair of classic first year color.
At the beginning of the design AJ 13, Kyrie 3 For Sale will still be the usual as usual with Jordan sitting together to discuss the design of shoes (it is this point in Jordan to stay in Nike in 1988). Tinker has noticed that Jordan's style of the game and the cheetah has a lot of similarities: the beginning is not anxious to aggressive, but patiently waiting for the opportunity to be mature time will be rapid primary, never let the opportunity to slip away from the hands. This style is quite similar to the cheetah. When Tinker told Jordan about this idea, Jordan simply exposed his privacy, his friends in private often called him "black cat (Black Cat)". Air Jordan 13 Low this year, low back shoes to return, and the classic Hornets will be the color of this year's debut debut. White shoes, supplemented by blue, the details of the use of green and green embellishment, the overall performance of the dynamic Hornets image.

New Jordans 2017 launched the 8th generation of Jordan embodies the focus on science and technology design ideas. Jordan 8 on behalf of the shape made a major breakthrough, the most prominent is the cross of the shoe face design, to strengthen the stability of the upper. In the end of the absorption of running shoes design ideas, a substantial reduction in the rubber material, reducing the weight of the shoes, the tongue with a towel material plus flying sign. Followed by the side and soles of the middle of the abstract picture for the Jordan 8 generations to add the artistic color. AIR JORDAN 8 for Jordan himself, it is too important ... ... 1993, AIR JORDAN 8 accompanied by Jordan for his first dynasty dynasty draw a successful conclusion. Three consecutive championships, three finals MVP, 7 consecutive coronation scoring, so that AIR JORDAN 8 no doubt became engraved under the Jordan epic brilliant totem shoes.
2017 Air Jordan Shoes, or the lonely lonely lonely, or the death of his father to the pain of Jordan embarrassed, in the endless glory and honors gathered in one, Jordan chose to bid farewell to the choice of retired ... No one imagined Jordan will return to the game, people have stubbornly thought that AIR JORDAN 8 will become the AIR JORDAN series of masterpiece, so AIR JORDAN 8 in the year has been so far beyond the amazing sales.From the first time to lead the North Carolina team to the national championship to enter the beginning, Michael Jordan's name is the highest standard of the symbol of basketball. In 1985, he was the original version of the original AIR JORDAN I set foot on the track, from the creation of a peak performance and adhere to the new era of self-style, NBA rules by his rewriting, numerous opponents surrender at his feet. The god of basketball? He is well deserved....
"Kyrie 3 For Sale fully demonstrated Jordan Brand in the performance of basketball shoes perseverance in the development and pursuit," Jordan Brand President Larry Miller said. "This latest generation of AIR JORDAN series products will further consolidate Jordan Brand in the industry uncompromising attention and focus on innovative positioning." AIR JORDAN outsole with solid traction and excellent flexibility. The groove is designed to mimic the natural movement of the human foot. Jordan Brand's Luedecke explains: "It's zigzag works actually match the footprints. We are looking for a footprint to find out the wear of shoes at the beginning of the place, the right amount of traction mode." Jordan brand developed proprietary weaving technology and standard carbon fiber and will not be any different, but its size and shape are different. It provides the right amount of rigidity while also allowing the feet to bend naturally. 8 years slam dunk contest Air Jordan 3 '88 OG, and now still let some old fans unforgettable, I believe that soon we will see this basketball shoes engraved version. Do not know the other with the NIKE logo of the Jordan version of the basketball shoes will not re-engraved it? Like generation, second generation, three generations, which are marked with the NIKE.

Air Jordan History of New Jordans 2017 can only appear in Jordan Brand's official flagship store, which is characterized by the upper full white, outsole and details will be red embellishment. But in the Air Jordan 13 sale of the next year, you will have the opportunity to buy a pair of Air Jordan 13 "History of Flight", all white leather upper with red outsole, lined with green cat's eye, refreshing and moving. Inspired by Michael Jordan in the 1998 finals wearing 13,14 two generations of the story, gold inlaid Air Jordan 13/14 DMP "Finals Pack" will soon be on sale in the day after tomorrow. Prior to this, we first come to enjoy a group of wonderful photography. Whether you will pay for this suit, that exciting years, soul-stirring game, always worth remembering. Has been only in the Jordan Brand flagship store show HOF family members, Air Jordan 13 "History of Flight" from pure white shoes made of high quality leather, outsole and lining with red for wrapping, showing the shoe body Contour at the same time, also further enhance the dazzling index! Black lace and the overall formation of a sharp contrast, tongue jumpman jumpman Logo followed by green leopard eye shiny!
Whenever there is a pair of 2017 Air Jordan Shoes is on behalf of male models + with the color of large children BG with the sale, there will be a pair of girls exclusive models are on behalf of the GG models at the same time on sale. As the sale of publicity efforts are on behalf of men + color with the same color, so this follow the GG section is often overlooked. This time Nike choose to sell a new mint green color Air Jordan 13 for the sister who choose! Which with black tattoo main colors, supplemented by leather, nylon and suede material highlights the atmosphere texture, and embellishment sky blue suede trim side with Chris Paul Paul Logo blessed yellow tongue is complement each other, and finally to wave The sole design is perfect. 997-98 season, Air Jordan XIII several color until the end of the season is still heat diminished, but this version of the black / red color until the playoffs just shine debut. It was in a field of the road race to become an offensive weapon, help victory, directly into the finals. Now, it is carrying reflective vamps, carbon fiber stabilizer and panther eye hologram pattern return, faithfully reproduce this design all the classic elements.
With Kyrie 3 For Sale in the Chicago Bulls one of the last pair of shoes, let us together today into the Air Jordan 13 series shoes. The first year of sale in 1997, Air Jordan 13 in the first year of the sale of seven colors, including 5 pairs of high-top shoes and 2 pairs of low to help shoes. Spike Lee directed the film "He Got Game", the role of Daniel Washington played the first color of the "black toe" color shoes, this pair of shoes was also used the name of the film "He Got Game" is called. In the history of the Bulls get the best 72 wins and 10 losses in the season, Michael Jordan got his wish to harvest his sixth championship, is also the second of the last three consecutive championships One. Around the end of 2004 we ushered in the Air Jordan 13's first re-engraved, the re-engraved continued until the summer of 2005. This time off the sale of the old color of the first year and the new color, and there are low-level version of the men's shoes and shoes. A total of 12 pairs of Air Jordan 13 series shoes in this re-sale, including, for example, "Altitude Green" this limited shoes.

NIKE company launched in 1996 Air Jordan 11 is a very favorite of New Jordans 2017, Air Jordan series is also a very classic masterpiece. As the last pair of the use of sole air cushion basketball shoes, Jordan 11 is the first pair of patent leather materials, the first use of full palm carbon fiber board soles, shoelaces and other parts of a substantial improvement and so on.As one of the original style of the year, accompanied by Michael Jordan in the past to start the Bulls dynasty second consecutive dominance, has always been 'Concord' have a high popularity does not say that its classic color model is better transplanted several times to Jordan Brand, Nike's shoes, in 1996, with the addition of Rodman, the Bulls and then iron triangle, this season, Jordan wearing AJ 11 led his unit to complete the 72 wins and 10 losses in the history of the best record.
2017 Air Jordan Shoes this pair of boots was Jordan himself as their favorite generation, fans / shoes in the eyes of the status of the first place. In the first year of the comeback, nike's designer for the Jordan to build the Air Jordan 10, this shoe because the design is nothing new, the appearance of old-fashioned, cumbersome Jordan was criticized worthless, the designer in order to please Jordan favor 11 generations of works bold use of a new design concept, the use of nylon material + patent leather appearance, greatly reduce the weight and enhance the beauty, in the end of the installation of carbon fiber support board, enhanced anti-torsion performance, large area of ​​crystal outsole, So that the whole shoes look more different.  In addition, the shoelace on the use of the speed of the design, so that wearing more convenient.Such a well-designed works just produced a good SAMPLE version,  see This shoe is excellent.
In the Kyrie 3 For Sale on a new material selection and color with the program presented, the overall black with a white shoe soles, the details of the red embellishment. The common mesh fabric is replaced by lychee leather and suede, embroidery Jumpman Logo is also a new metal texture. 11 not only as Jordan's first comeback 72 wins season and the second three consecutive starts of a pair of shoes, more he is as a watershed for shoes, some say 11 before was a situation while 11 almost perfect design changes This situation, creating a new world of basketball shoes. It was also said that Air Jordan 11 in the shoes of the cultural status of the height and MJ himself in the same basketball. This pair of shoes with MJ together become a classic basketball world. 1 generation did not bring the first trapeze and Chicago good luck, the summer of 1995, returned too late with Jordan and the team fell to the big shark and Hadwell led the Orlando Magic at the foot of.