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When people think that New Jordans 2017 at the foot of the Air Jordan series will leave with the basketball court when Jordan, NIKE is still under pressure to launch the Air Jordan 9. Speaking of Air Jordan 9, can be described as the Air Jordan series of life experience the most unfortunate generation. As the 14th generation before the only pair of shoes have not been wearing Jordan, Air Jordan 9 as if the whole family of an abandoned child, in the Air Jordan series which seemed so inconspicuous. Air Jordan 9 has a smooth and simple upper, the initial release, it is the vast majority of white / black / red color. However, the details of this pair of shoes design is the most out of color where the heel of the earth logo to make this pair of shoes, the idea of ​​globalization has been fully reflected. The words or words made in German, Japanese, Swahili, Russian, French and Italian have highlighted the world's taste of the whole pair of shoes.
Hartfield explained, "When we started to develop 2017 Air Jordan Shoes, Michael just went to Asia to participate in Nike's promotional activities, so this shoe more or less influenced by the Asian culture. Soles of the various text embodies the world Of the idea, then Michael Jordan has not only the hero of the American worship, but also the hero of the world fans. Heel of the trapeze marks for the first time and the earth together, a symbol of flying over the whole earth flying "Although Hastfeld admits that Air Jordan 9 has not made a big breakthrough in terms of performance, but this pair of shoes or with a new midsole structure, so that the feet can be better fixed in the shoes. And Harsfield also admitted that he favored the Air Jordan 9, he later said: "Air Jordan 9 just caught up with Michael's retirement, so it has become the first pair of Michael did not pass in the game Jordan shoes But in the statue of the trapeze in front of the United Center, he was wearing this pair of shoes, when the statue of the person in charge and asked me a pair of shoes more appropriate to appear on the statue.
I thought, or recommended Kyrie 3 For Sale, after all, this is the first pair of shoes after retirement, the most symbolic and commemorative significance.Then, Michael told me that in the baseball field he also wanted to wear familiar Jordan shoes, so we again Air Jordan 9 into The baseball shoes.We can see, Air Jordan 9 please 8 generations of complicated design, re-return to the simple, bright style. There is no modification of the slope directly above is a row of fast lace system. The front face of the EVA extension provides a very good anti-rollover effect. Feet inside the design and more fit the arch, providing a good support. In addition to Air Jordan 9 is still the continuation of the previous two generations of boots design, wrapped first class. And in the Air Jordan 9 began to design, when Jordan in Japan to participate in NIKE promotional activities. So we see that this shoe more or less received a little Asian culture, the typical is the soles of the eye-catching Japanese - the world of sports. In addition, the soles of the various text also reflects the idea of globalization, when Jordan is not just the hero of the American mind, it is the world's sports fans worship idol. And the heel of the trapeze logo and the superposition of the earth pattern is a sign of flying over the whole earth.

In 1996, New Jordans 2017, once again rewritten the history of footwear products. This shiny and yet classic design of the classic release, when Michael Jordan returned to the basketball arena. Since then, the model has launched a series of classic color. Now, the classic models used in the 1995 playoffs with Michael Jordan debut stadium, the completion of the shoe debut in the first year of the design, re-return to public view. After two years, the first year of the type of re-engraved return to Air Jordan XI to pay tribute. This innovative engraved version of the use of excellent structure with patent leather to create high-help design, and delicate harmony of blue elements and followed by sewing 45 words constitute a coordinated whole.
2017 Air Jordan Shoes can be said to be in the Air Jordan series of important shoes, the first time in the Air Jordan shoes on the use of patent leather material, patent leather use of Air Jordan 11 more in line with Michael - Jordan identity, and other parts of the upper Then the use of nylon material, not only to reduce the weight of the shoes also improve the durability of shoes. For the first time in the bottom part of the use of the link before the palm and the back of the large area of the carbon plate design, a large area of carbon plate to use the shoes of the anti-torsion and protection of the arch is more excellent, the use of carbon plate is also giant Giant reduced the weight of the shoes in the end, and carbon fiber toughness and strength than the average TPU even better.
Kyrie 3 For Sale is not just a new dress for 11-generation shoes, it reminds me of the 1995-1996 rebirth of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. Remind me of, not just the Champion celebration of cigar champagne, as well as in the locker room on the floor crying MJ, of course, belong to the Bulls many glorious titles, scoring king MJ, rebounds Wang Rodman, sixth of the year Kukoqi, the best coach Zen Master, and also selected the first lineup of Pippen.Air Jordan 11 as Michael Jordan's favorite Air Jordan is on behalf of the shoes, the same is also a lot of shoes lovers in the eyes of the best choice. Unique shape and good combat performance, so that both inside and outside the game have won the favor of people. In addition to a few commercially available color, there are still many non-commercial Air Jordan 11, many of them have amazing works.Air Jordan 11 Phylon in the end did not use the newly developed Zoom Air, but the use of a more stable full palm Air Sole cushioning, and crystal outsole design makes Air Jordan 11 more "charming."

Experienced the Air Jordan 7 small mistakes, New Jordans 2017 generation design more time to consider how to technology and pragmatism really combined. Air Jordan 8 did not draw any design from the specific inspiration, if you must say what inspiration, then Tinker once said that this pair of shoes inspired by some Baroque art, which is a focus on detail, quality, The feeling of decoration. The practicality of science and technology in this pair of shoes on the embodiment is also extremely obvious. The first modified is the upper, Air Jordan 8 is the Jordan series of all shoes in the best ankle protection, the height and thickness of the record, until 13 years later was almost 21 generations to break; cross the tie with the upper Tightly wrapped in the foot, and the first use of the Velcro to bond the strap and the upper; the outsole is no longer a plane, part of the arch to learn the hollow design of running shoes, so that the weight of shoes, When the outsole and the role of the ground is more scientific.
Technology,2017 Air Jordan Shoes is independent of the band, before and after the palm of the separation of Air Sole (high help low to help the same configuration), within the boots Huarache technology, shoes and the back of the bottom of the baroque style art graffiti, towel tongue is also Air Jordan 8 unique Elements, upper full of memory sponge and a small oval sponge to ensure the safety of the ankle, the bottom of the reference runner design inspiration, to take the hollow design, reduce the overall weight. Nike in February 1993 launched the 8th generation of Jordan embodies the focus on science and technology design ideas. Jordan 8 on behalf of the shape made a major breakthrough, the most prominent is the cross of the shoe face design, to strengthen the stability of the upper. In the end of the absorption of running shoes design ideas, a substantial reduction in the rubber material, reducing the weight of the shoes, tongue with a towel material plus flying sign. Followed by the side and soles of the middle of the abstract picture for the Jordan 8 generations to add the artistic color.
Kyrie 3 For Sale generations both a fit and support, it is a crossed shoelace fixed system, with AirHuarache elastic insole wrapped feet, showing unprecedented adaptability. In the outsole configuration will be left and right to separate, boldly hollowed out the central part, so that it reached the goal of lightweight.And before the re-engraved is not a big difference, only in the material and the upper texture and other details of some access. Classic double strap design, people on the actual combat of this shoe eager. Wearing: the bottom of the configuration has not changed, is still Air Sole air cushion placed in the end of the material, and then put a layer of thick cardboard (early Air Jordan part of the shoes with this design). Full palm boots and double strap design so that the shoes of the package is extremely perfect, tighten the shoelaces, straps can feel after the feet were tightly wrapped.

AIR JORDAN series of New Jordans 2017 in the sales and market demand far ahead of other products, the entire sports shoes industry every year to establish a higher design, innovation and functional benchmarking. The core of the series is that the perfect combination of athletes and technology - the most dazzling star in the history of basketball Michael Jordan, and accompanied by superstar experienced brilliant career basketball shoes, highlights his function, innovation and achievements of the relentless pursuit. AIR JORDAN Outsole uses solid traction and excellent flexibility. The groove is designed to mimic the natural movement of the human foot. Jordan Brand's Luedecke explains: "It's zigzag works actually match the footprints. We are looking for a footprint to find out the wear of shoes at the beginning of the place, the right amount of traction mode." Jordan brand developed proprietary weaving technology and standard carbon fiber and will not be any different, but its size and shape are different. It provides the right amount of rigidity while also allowing the feet to bend naturally.
2017 Air Jordan Shoes Through the groundbreaking innovation and perfect appearance, Tinker Hatfield will be designed to his first sports shoes dedicated to everyone. This shoe has an exposed Nike Air and very decorative effect of synthetic elephant leather folds. Another milestone design element is the introduction of the classic "trapeze" logo. In this season, Spike Lee (Spike Lee) played Mars Blackmon, first appeared in Nike's television advertising, attracting many followers. Jordan also by virtue of his first NBA most valuable player, the best defensive player of the year, as well as another dunk contest title out of the limelight. In an interview with "SLAM" magazine, Jordan will AJIII as one of their favorite items. And according to ESPN television 2005 audience to vote, this shoe was named the history of the greatest sports shoes. Michael in the game against Cleveland try this shoe, won 69 points in one fell swoop, averaging 33.6 points per game results for the fourth time won the scoring title. This section of the shoe design inspiration from the Second World War during the "Mustang" fighter, you can see the fighters in the bottom of the fighters tooth pattern.
Kyrie 3 For Sale breathable mesh pad and super stable lace, plus extraordinary cushion soles.Tinker Hatfield designed a rich liquidity, rhythm and elegant temperament of the sports shoes. Michael with its subversion of gravity series of dunk action to give sports shoes to the practical significance, plus special tongue, so that "fast" to become the logo of this section of shoes. Spike in the film "for the right" ("Do The Right Thing"again on the function of AJ Ⅳ chant; rapper slick Rick (Slick Rick) said he intends to 2006 retro series of basketball The number of shoes into the bag. After the launch of AJ IV, the AIR JORDAN series was truly entered into the modern culture dictionary.Air Jordan 5 lace lock the fit has been enhanced, reflective tongue, transparent rubber outsole more grip effect, Michael Jordan and Hatfield with these innovative elements once again beyond the previous few basketball shoes design.

And the previous sale of New Jordans 2017 different, this section Air Jordan 12 "Bordeaux" and did not use the design of the whole upper suede, the overall texture compared to the PSNY joint slightly down, the bottom part of the uniform color , But instead uses white rendering. Although the overall texture of shoes, as the joint models, but as a remedy for not to grab the regret, this shoe is a good choice.Will be yellow-blue tear film dress in the Air Jordan 12 "Taxi" black and white shoes who show, playful and wild, so that the original calm Air Jordan 12 become dynamic. Rip Hamilton's Megatron Quartet, which is his NBA foothold, although he has bid farewell to the love of the golf course, but he is still full of obsession with basketball. Last month he showed the exclusive Air Jordan 11 Detroit Pistons PE, and this time he once again shared the Jordan brand for his exclusive to build the Air Jordan 12 and Air Jordan 19, color is still with the Detroit Pistons shirt complement each other .
In front of this 2017 Air Jordan Shoes custom shoes design inspiration from Air Jordan 7 "BORDEAUX". Jordan Brand will also be sold this summer with PSNY joint series, PSNY x Air Jordan 12 "Bordeaux" is one of the pair, the overall use of Bordeaux purple to render, and the material is also very good, Public School and Jordan Brand, following the beginning of the year After the release of the "Wheat" color, this time has brought a pair of new Public School x Air Jordan 12 "Bordeaux" color. Continuation of the previous cooperation version of the One tone color design, the new shoes still use the texture of the excellent suede material production shoes body, and gorgeous high-profile wine red as the main tone, while the tongue and insoles printed Public School Logo that joint Identity.
The color to Kyrie 3 For Sale for the design inspiration, the upper to the wine red suede and side trim stitching together with cream rubber soles, metal buckle is silver embellishment, perfect showing a kind of old wine feeling.Inspired by Paris, designed by Public School New York. The iconic design of the Air Jordan XII "Bordeaux" in the typical style of PSNY is rebuilt with high quality materials. He also honors the leg of the Air Jordan XII "Bordeaux" MJ legacy on the street, but still belongs to the basketball court, while at the same time reflects the unparalleled aesthetic and cultural tastes of PSNY co-founders Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osbourne.Air Jordan Retro 12 "Bordeaux" inspired by Bordeaux red wine, with a charming wine red throughout the entire body, from the texture of the excellent suede with lizard texture of leather stitching together with cream rubber soles, metal buckle Silver embellishment, perfect showing a kind of vintage wine feeling.

Air Jordan series is the most successful New Jordans 2017 series, this series of each pair of shoes have been included in the history, a classic. However, the great product is not the beginning of the perfect, AirJordan series is no exception. If the original Air Jordan series main do the surface effort, that from the Air Jordan 4, this series has finally had a real soul. The late 80s of last century, due to the design and manufacturing process can not meet the requirements of the complex structure of the air cushion basketball shoes will inevitably bring unnecessary weight, and affect the players play, these shortcomings in the previous three generations of AirJordan basketball shoes can also see , Although from the beginning of Air Jordan3 has begun to use external air cushion, but the weight and comfort of shoes have done a certain degree of sacrifice.
This is not in line with 2017 Air Jordan Shoes style, and the same product more and more can not make consumer satisfaction, in this historical context, a new Air Jordan products to the market.Air Jordan 4 the emergence of the first clear AirJordan series will be synchronized with the Flight series, learn from each other, but also for the first time put forward the concept of defender basketball shoes. In the era of the dominant basketball shoes market, the new Flight series is weak, Flight symbolizes the flight, the use of Flight series are some of the fly over the work of the flight, those who have excellent bouncing players known as Flight , They are often able to bring the most exciting performances, is the most popular characters on the basketball court, and Jordan is the representative of this player, so the 1989 launch of the Air Jordan4 and the same year launched the Air Flight 89 became the first to use Flight Logo of the two pairs of shoes, the emergence of these two pairs of shoes also indicates the birth of the Flight series.
Kyrie 3 For Sale, the same outsole and midsole design provides a good enough cushioning function and lateral support, although now seems slightly cumbersome, but relative to At that time the air cushion basketball shoes, the series in the end has been done enough lightweight. And really have the meaning of reform design is Air Jordan 4 uppers on the surface material, before the emergence of Air Jordan4, basketball shoes have been a heavy image in front of people, and in the past only appeared in running shoes on the net surface material The first time in the basketball shoes, this material not only greatly reduce the weight of the shoes, the liberation of the wearer's feet, the most important thing is to make the basketball shoes breathable performance has been qualitative change, the athlete no longer wear Airtight "boots" campaign field, and the flexibility of the mesh material also makes the scalability of AirJordan 4 has been greatly improved for the athletes to change and start the auxiliary role was significantly improved.

This is a classic black and  New Jordans 2017 generations of the body is flowing with the birth of the noble blood, it is a downright nobility, who distributed the king of the breath is still impressive, the flow of time, many new shoes have been launched, but Jordan 11 generation is still standing in the top of basketball shoes. Air Jordan 11 Retro every debut will make sneaker sector crazy, from Cool gray to Concord to the end of the black and red, the emergence of each pair of Air Jordan XI can be described as the ultimate in the classic. Air Jordan 11 Retro was originally in 1994-1995 Jordan in the playoffs have begun to wear, the beginning were the heel embroidered 45 and heel embroidered 23 two versions. 2000 end AJ XI engraved listing, almost can be said to be an instant to sell chime, Jordan 11 generation has been completely become the basketball shoes in the emperor.
2017 Air Jordan Shoes black patent leather into the basketball shoes design, the first year of Jordan 11 generations and fashion giant Gucci co-production of patent leather uppers for the first time will be combined with fashion and sports together, but also doomed Air Jordan 11 Retro born Superiority. The above part of the patent leather is used in the nylon mesh grinds the surface, making Jordan 11 generations lighter, more flexible and more comfortable. Fly in the ointment is precisely because the nylon mesh soft and flexible, so that the support at the ankle is not so reliable, which is always Air Jordan 11 are only suitable for speed players reasons.
Kyrie 3 For Sale, translucent rubber outsole is not the first time in the Air Jordan series, but once the Jordan 5 generation and Jordan 6 generation and so on with a translucent rubber outsole shoes Are unable to provide sufficient grip for the players ability, Jordan 11 generations of the outsole in addition to maximize the beautification of the shoes in the movement of the foot of the focus of the use of a large number of words design, this design greatly improved the shoes Brake performance, whether it is Mid style or Low Cut style, in the start, emergency stop, change to three aspects have a translucent outsole basketball shoes before the unparalleled high performance.The poor is thinking, the law of the NIKE will not focus on a focus from the University of North Carolina score guard who. The traditional era of the inside is the backbone of a team, no matter how good the outside players in the team is only icing on the cake. People think NIKE is gambling again. When a paper expensive contract placed in front of MJ, a generation of legend but this kicked off!

For the New Jordans 2017 in particular to create the Air Jordan 12 Retro Chinese New Year recently released a group of spy photos, this section from the Chinese national treasure panda in the black and white tints decorated shoes body, combined with the 3M, weaving, wood, etc. A variety of classic elements, for the original calm and restrained Air Jordan 12 added a little trend of beauty.Previously popular Air Jordan 12 Retro "Chinese New Year" in the recent exposed more photos, 3M material, weaving material, grain processing, this Air Jordan 12 is your food? But also like we know that next year is "12" of the Year, there will be more outstanding products exposed. It is reported that the section will be listed in February 2017.Following the previous spy photos exposure, Jordan Brand recently released the "Chinese New Year" version of the Air Jordan 12 shoes more details of the map.
This section of 2017 Air Jordan Shoes generally continued the classic "Taxi" color, and in the tongue, insoles decorated with many Chinese New Year details of the design, more striking is the upper using a 3M reflective material. It is reported that the Chinese color shoes will be on sale on January 28, the retail price of $ 220, like a friend then do not miss.Jordan brand recently released for the Chinese New Year in particular to create the Air Jordan 12 Retro Chinese New Year, this section from the classic Taxi color design prototype, from black and white tones decorated with two colors, combined with the 3M, weaving, wood Pattern and other classic elements, for the original calm and restrained Air Jordan 12 added a little trend of beauty. Full palm Zoom of the superior footsteps complemented by texture and luxurious material with, comfort and value are particularly outstanding.
In front of this pair of Kyrie 3 For Sale to the general market specifications, but it does not lose the atmosphere to create a joint! Wine red suede material decorated with silver lace buckle to create shoes body, iconic side lizard dermatoglyphics this texture is more sharp grid texture presentation, milky white outsole end, bringing a strong contrast between light and dark.This color is very similar to the previous Air Jordan 12 "Blue Suede", but the color is relative. Red shoes with a unique texture of the suede fabric to create a unique texture effect, fully demonstrated the extraordinary temperament.Chinese Air Jordan 12 "Chinese New Year" from beginning to end are showing the feelings of the Chinese wind! In the color with a black and white with, far from looking like a very Taxi deduction! But this pair of new products is "wood buckle" presented! Shoelaces and upper middle of the nameplate, are made of wood texture material to build.

New Jordans 2017, Nike official website of the sale of this pair of military camouflage color Nike LeBron Soldier 10 "Camo" basketball shoes make Nike James soldiers basketball shoes more Have a fighting atmosphere.As its name, Army Green is LeBron Soldier 11 the best partner. Nike recently for this pair of real magic weapon once again released a new color, new olive green through the entire shoe body, accompanied by black Logo dotted the meantime, and finally take raw rubber outsole end.Full of rich military style camouflage texture and all-conquering warrior is the day of the match, Nike LeBron Soldier 10 design for the camouflage version will also be officially debut. This section by the camouflage texture decorated under the surface of the fabric, at the same time with three black Velcro and midsole, and finally carrying the military green outsole end.
Today, 2017 Air Jordan Shoes official website released Nike LeBron Soldier 10 SFG "Camo" sale information, the upper use of camouflage rendering, full of rich military style camouflage texture and all-conquering soldiers is the perfect match, Nike for LeBron Soldier 10 basketball shoes to create Camouflage version officially debut.  This Nike basketball shoes by the camouflage texture decorated under the surface of the fabric, at the same time with three black Velcro and midsole, and finally equipped with military green outsole end.. And this sale of this Nike zoom soldier III in addition to the color of the shoe body with black and olive green, looks more special, the biggest feature is that in the midsole add a camouflage element, making the original monotonous shoes suddenly added A lot of vitality, coupled with the shape of the sturdy, you will think of the playoffs unmatched James it.
This Kyrie 3 For Sale will also be on sale at the occasion of the arrival of Zhanhuang, black and dark green camouflage texture cover, in the green and green under the background, very restrained ready to make people feel murderous The.Nike plans to release more colorways of the LeBron Soldier 11 Strive for Greatness (SFG) — the same shoes LeBron wore in the 2016-17 NBA Finals. Although the laceless kicks did not help James win his fourth NBA championship this year, the sneakers should still bode well with any ballers looking to make an impact on the blacktop.Carrying out the militaristic theme that's long been a part of the Soldier series, the premium make-up features suede and mesh construction in olive, complemented by black logo hits throughout. The Zoom-cushioned model sits atop a gum rubber outsole to complete the look.Nike zoom soldier III has a light and fast response to the good performance, is so far James through the lightest shoes

This year is set to be a special one for fans of the New Jordans 2017, with all the scheduled releases of high-quality shoes as summer draws near. This April, sneaker lovers can look forward to a new “Blue Moon” colorway that will be released exclusively for kids. The shoe comes alongside the highly anticipated “University Blue” Air Jordan 11 Low.GIRLS AJ 1 RET HI PREG 2012 winter shelves, lined with pink hair, especially warm in the winter, the shoe body with purple burst pattern design, very special this year, the color of the Galaxy color. Worth starting.The rock has become a magma, and the rock can melt extremely hot, as if the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games for the first time in the eyes of people flying at the foot of the Air Jordan 7, the fans of the fanaticism.
That year, 2017 Air Jordan Shoes, the American college basketball team became a "dream team", and the outbreak of the US men's basketball team in the Olympic Games also let the world know the horror of the US Basketball.Between the retro and modern design of the Air Jordan 7Hot Lava, the integration of the lava in the molten state of the red and condensed color after the precipitation, this color and pattern of splicing to create a ready-made HOT, coupled with hot The story and re-engraved memories. Red part of the relatively deep pink, designed for girls to create the girls, and on the basis of the original breathable and other aspects of the strengthening, so that this pair of shoes in the summer wearing a very breathable.
Kyrie 3 For Sale is a very neutral shoes, toe patent leather shoes look too sexy, AJ11 "Space Jam" to restore the first year of large patent leather design, so the upper is very bright, very flickering, in the Girls feet more prominent, and really not like a pair of shoes, and even can be seen as an elegant works of art.Originally released in 2001 Air Jordan 11 Low "Citrus" with a simple shape and eye-catching orange match to become the most popular low to help Air Jordan 11 one; this time after 16 years re-engraved really exciting, Almost perfect with the first year version of the perfect presentation will also let the dream for many Sneakerhead.

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