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The biggest hurdles are that a coach can't technically be Madden NFL 18 Coins traded, but teams are allowed to receive compensation for allowing their coach to jump ship. The problem in this situation, however, is the fact that the Clippers and Celtics have made it seem like one deal instead of two separate deals.


That's a problem because the league prohibits moves that contain contingencies or side deals -- in this case, the Celtics allowing Rivers to get out of his contract without any specific compensation because said compensation would be involved in the lopsided deal that would be the aging Garnett for two first-round picks and DeAndre Jordan.


To make everything work under league rules -- or to appease Stern, basically, because the teams could technically split the deal into two separate deals and it'd be considered legal under the Collective Bargaining Agreement -- USA Today's Sam Amick believes a couple of different things could be done.


The deal could still get done, but one of two adjustments may need to be made: the Celtics may need to offer more in the deal than just Garnett, with draft picks the most logical possibility; the Clippers, who have been attempting to give up just one first-round draft pick, may be allowed to give up less in the trade.


The real trade value of the 37-year-old is at the center of Buy Madden Mobile Coins this discussion, as the idea that Boston could net two first-round draft picks and a respectable replacement in Jordan who is 13 years younger clearly doesn't calculate for  league officials.

7.1 assists, continuing to be the solid, pass-first point guard he has NBA Live 18 Coins been throughout his career. He shot 47 percent from the field and 43 percent from behind the three-point arc. Calderon tends to struggle on the defensive end and is easily beaten off the dribble.Calderon joins a veteran nucleus in Dallas that missed the playoffs last season. After missing out on free agent Dwight Howard on Friday, owner


Mark Cuban tweeted that the "Mavs are back open for business."Dallas drafted point guard Shane Larkin in the first round of the draft last week; it is unclear on how coach Rick Carlisle will use the two guards moving forward, although Calderon should serve as a quality mentor for the young guard out of Miami.


The Mavericks are not able to officially announce the signing until July 10.More from SB Nation:? Dwight Howard chooses Rockets | Is Josh Smith next?? Roth: Why Dwight Howard annoys everyone? J.R. Smith returns to NY | The Knicks are reunited! ? The NBA's top 90 free agents | All NBA free agency news? Grading the NBA free agent dealsRockets turn attention to Josh Smith after securing Dwight Howard, per report -


The Houston Rockets reportedly just received a commitment from Dwight Howard and are now working to pair the star center with another highly-touted free agent: Atlanta Hawks forward Josh Smith.While the acquisition of Smith hinges on whether Howard's addition will be a straight signing or a sign-and-trade with the Lakers.


Houston is already in the process of figuring out how to get both stars under contract, according to multiple reports.More: The Cheap NBA Live Mobile Coins Dream Shake Peachtree HoopsCBS Sports' Ken Berger speculates Houston could ship center Omer Asik to the Hawks for Smith as part of a sign-and-trade should Howard agree to the Rockets' contract terms outright.

Clips Nation on acquiring Redick and DudleyBillups started at FIFA 18 Coins shooting guard in all 22 regular-season games he played for the Clippers last year, but with Redick now in the fold, there's no playing time to be had at that position. Redick will likely start at the 2, with Jamal Crawford and Willie Green coming off the bench.


The Clippers do have a void at backup point guard with Eric Bledsoe going to the Phoenix Suns, but Billups' days as a point guard are likely done.The acquisition of Redick and Dudley also could impact the future of Matt Barnes in Los Angeles.


Barnes was a very effective player off the bench for the minimum last year, averaging 10.3 points and playing solid defense. With help coming to the Clippers on the wing in the form of Redick and Dudley, Barnes could look to go elsewhere. However, there's an opening for Barnes as a backup small forward, so he could choose to stick around and play for a possible title contender.


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The San Antonio Spurs, as expected, brought back Manu Ginobili, agreeing to a two-year, $14 million contract that will keep him with the franchise until the end of the 2014-15 season.Ginobili is probably not going to be a $7 million/year player for the next two years, but this contract was the price of doing business with a franchise legend that's declining. Paying Ginobili his true market value may FIFA Mobile Coins Buy have been seen as disrespectful to someone who helped the team win championships in the past.

Smart currently ranks in the very bottom in the ranks of NBA Live Mobile Coins head coaches. I wouldn't be too surprised if this is a 1 year or interim head coaching gig.Point blank: Don Nelson could take this team to the playoffs.Keith Smartprobably cannot. It's just asking way too much from him.


The love for Nelson is really out of control, as is the idea that Smart is certainly subpar (we don't know this yet). There's no way that Nelson could lead this Warriors team to the playoffs, not in his current state. That said, it's true that Smart has yet to prove himself as a head coach and will likely experience growing pains, along with his team.


The good news for Smart is that he has an all-star big man on his roster. The Warriors' big move was to trade several players for the Knicks' David Lee, a stat stuffer that could produce a 20-10 season in this offense. The cost was prohibitive -- exciting prospect Anthony Randolph, solid shooting guard Kelenna Azubuike and center Ronny Turiaf -- but Golden State of Mind is confident the price was worth it.


The Warriors had essentially no chips this summer, but they walked away with a 20-12-3.5 All-Star big man. You do the math.Genius.Give Larry Riley (and whoever else made it happen) props. In 1 year as the GM of the Warriors he did something his 2 predecessors couldn't do in (mostly painful) multi-year stints: add a legit power forward to this team.Warriors fans are going to like a lot about Lee. A LOT.


Lee's a good player, but he doesn't defend, so Golden State's biggest weakness -- interior defense -- just got worse. On the bright side, he should be an excellent pick and roll finisher, particularly with Stephen Curry -- who made a late run at Tyreke Evans for Rookie of the Year last year -- setting him up.The two Cheap NBA Live 18 Coins biggest question marks for the

FaintPraiseJames Johnson: In the right role, as a NBA 2K18 MT Coins defender and rebounder only with no opportunities to take bad shots or otherwise muss up the offense ... James Johnson would probably still find a way to take bad shots and muss up the offense.Cole Aldrich: Rebounds and blocks are what you'll get.


Gary Neal (R): Mini-Manu finally hits free agency. Someone should make a choice offer just to derail the Spurs a little.DeJuan Blair: He can still do well in the NBA with two marketable skills: an impressive steal rate for a big and offensive rebounding.


Reggie Evans is still in the league, you know.DeMarre Carroll: Carroll was pretty solid for Utah last season, but with only 1,100 minutes played it's tough to put a whole bunch of stock into it. He could be a nice bench option at the two forward spots, a poor man's Jeff Green. (UPDATE: Carroll has agreed to a 2-year, $5 million deal with the Hawks.)


Randy Foye: God bless the three-pointer, which has turned Foye from draft bust to solid pro. Foye hasn't shot 40 percent from the field since 2009-10, but more than half of his shots these days are three-pointers so his overall efficiency is much better than you'd think. Unfortunately, he's not much of a passer or defender these days. (UPDATE: Foye will play for the


Nuggets on a three-year, $9 million deal).Jamaal Tinsley: I'm not sure he has another season left in him. Sign accordingly.Earl Watson: See Tinsley, Jamaal. (UPDATE: Watson will sign a one-year deal with Portland for the veteran's minimum).Mo Williams: Williams has reportedly declared that he will not 
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re-sign with Utah if they intend to bring him off of the bench behind -