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Decide what kind FIFA Coins of role he needs to play as he continues to age He can embrace a reduced role and take less than maximum money to join a stacked team looking for a defensive anchor If that happens he could be a huge asset for a winnerThe other option is trying to recapture the old magic by finding a coach that still considers him a


franchise player and is willing to acmodate the entire offense to suit his strengths as Stan Van Gundy did in Orlando He may find that more tempting but if this season is any indication the Dwight Howard that could dominate on both ends is gone and probably wont ever returnThe sooner Howard accepts that the easier the transition to


the new stage of his career will beState whooped the Spurs in Oakland to pick up win No and keep the dream of alive Theyll need to beat Memphis twice and bee the first team to win in San Antonio this season to get thereON SAGER Zito Madu writes that even in his darkest hour Craig Sager makes us smile Hes rightSIGN UP FOR


OUR NBA NEWSLETTERGet Cheap FIFA Coins news links and Zillers #hottakes in your inbox every weekday morning GOODBYE ROCKETS A home loss to lowly Phoenix in which they gave up points to a team led by Mirza Teletovic doesnt exactly eliminate Houston from postseason consideration but it should On the other hand Houstons


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The Celtics all season FIFA Coins even before Avery Bradley went down with a hamstring injury Only two teams connected on fewer threepointers than Boston this year and that was with Bradley a percent shooter from deep on the floorThat's why losing him was such a devastating blow to the Celtics It's not that Bradley is a onceinageneration


shooter who can't be replaced The issue is that he can't be replaced by anyone on Boston's roster He's never been a knockdown shooter but he's Boston's most proficient spotup player and dangerous enough that opponents feel the need to respect him outside Take him away from the Celtics and you set off a chain reaction of


consequences that make Boston and especially Isaiah Thomas easy to defendThe Hawks knew this ing into Tuesday's Game and executed their game plan to perfection All night their defensive scheme revolved around keeping multiple defenders near Isaiah Thomas to ensure the Celtics' dynamo wouldn't be the player to beat them For


Boston to even the series someone Buy FIFA Coins else was going to have to catch fire from the outside Atlanta's bet was that the Celtics had no one who could do soThat turned out to be a wise wagerThomas was held to points of of shooting He misfired on nine of his first attempts as the Celtics scored just seven first quarter points the lowest total


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Wade had points in FIFA Coins shots Dragic was more than happy to pick up the slack and lead his team to a winIt shouldn't be surprising to see Dragic deliver a point performance After all he was considered a borderline star before joining the Heat His time in Miami however has been bumpy He never found the balance between his preference for


running and Wade's slowpaced isolationheavy game Despite signing a massive fiveyear deal for most of the regular season he looked like a role playerThe first six games of the series were looking like further proof that Pat Riley had made a mistake by cashing most of his chips on a player that didn't fit with his biggest star as Dragic


averaged points on percent shooting Then on Game he seemingly figured it all out He let Wade have his possessions and patiently waited for the ball in the weak side Whenever he could push the ball up court however he did so typically to good results Suddenly his confidence was as high as it had been when he was at his best in


Phoenix and the offense benefited Cheap FIFA Coins greatly from the change of pace he offers over the typically deliberate Miami attackWHAT A SEQUENCEDefense offense pictwitterbRpSkkdmNC Miami HEAT MiamiHEAT May Wade was big in the win as he always is He's still the heart and soul of the Heat and a terrific leader He had no


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Open Sometimes he FIFA Coins dribbled into space and pulled up Sometimes he needed to create the space himself with a dizzying array of directionchanging dribbles Didn't matter No extenuating factor fazed him His overtime shots were perfect some not even rustling the rim If Steph Curry were human he would not be able to lock in like this But


he did it three times in three tries right when his team needed himBut it wasn't just Steph Curry doing Steph Curry things he also grabbed an offensive board scored and flexedIf Steph Curry were human his game would have weaknesses Does he He's the undisputed best shooter of all time an immaculate ballhandler whose pregame


dribbling routine is as famous Buy FIFA Mobile Coins as his pregame shooting routine He's an exquisite creative passer an effective inventive finisher around the basket a nimble defender who leads the NBA in steals a basketball savant who passes to players before they even realize they're open and he's pretty fast too If you think I'm overselling Curry which


of these things is wrong And on top of all that here he is recording a putback bucket with the game on the line in the playoffsSure Curry looked rusty at first But metalbased things are supposed to accumulate rust He knocked it off and then he was mechanically perfect againThe only hitch is Steph's emotion Steph looked into the


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Game against the FIFA Coins Miami Heat Biyombo has averaged nine points boards and over two blocks in minutes per contest while converting over percent of his shot attempts And over that span he has the secondbest net rating on the Raptors behind only Kyle Lowry per NBABiyombo's legend grew exponentially with his point rebound


performance in the Game shellacking of the Heat and it's continued to reach new heights with the last two Eastern Conference Finals games in The He vacuumed up a franchiserecord rebounds in Game and his Dikembe Mutomboesque finger wagging always fires up a home crowd that's e to love him over the course of this seasonNot


backing down from the likes of LeBron James and Tristan Thompson in Game only helped further endear Biyombo to the Toronto faithful and he apparently frustrated the Cavaliers so much that noted irritant Dahntay Jones felt pelled to deliver a shot to his groin at the end of the gameThen in Game Biyombo rose to the occasion in


the biggest game in Raptors Cheap FIFA Mobile Coins franchise history While Lowry and DeMar DeRozan took care of the scoring Biyombo again did the dirty work by grabbing rebounds including a key offensive rebound late that helped secure the win and blocking three shots One of those blocks was a pictureperfect pack of Kevin Love that belongs on a


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That lasted more than FIFA Coins seven minutesFor the Cavaliers that's all it took They scored points in the fourth quarter but surviving on just a single Kyrie Irving free throw from the minute mark in the fourth quarter until there were less than four remaining isn't sustainable in any regard Cleveland moved in the first half; they used all sorts of on


and offball screens to find shots When they did go isolation particularly when Irving did it worked shots fell like this one against Stephen CurryBut a strange night of refereeing turned in the fourth quarter with the officials seeming to collectively agree not to call anything Irving attacks the paint over and over again but his of shooting in


the fourth quarter with a turnover sums up all of his problems He'd drive into the lane only to be blocked by Klay Thompson or met by Draymond Green exhibiting verticalityAs the Warriors buried absurd threes on the other end it must have been impossible for frustration not to boil over the Cleveland's players On one possession


LeBron James took his time Buy FIFA Mobile Coins dribbling the ball aimlessly at the top of the key only to call for a ball screen with less than on the shot clock and failing to manage a halfdecent shotGolden State does this so well They convinced you to speed it up with them since nobody else's track meet can ever keep up with theirs They encourage


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To the gameWithout FIFA Coins Curry Shaun Livingston will continue to start at point guard Livingston has played well in Currys absence but the loss of Curry saps the Warriors of their most powerful offensive weapon and fundamentally changes the geometry of the floor It also forces worse players to step in to fill Livingstons role which


weakens the bencIts entirely possible to believe that Steph Currys injured knee and ankle will heal and Golden State will revert to their death squad ways but as it stands now its nearly impossible to be more confident in a team than what San Antonio has inspired after quickly dispatching a wounded MemphisWhy Kawhi Leonard is


playing like Kawhi Leonard This should scare anyone not wearing silver and blackLaMarcus Aldridge is dominating the post without playing a ton of minutes Hes been an efficient machine down lowA squad whose strength is its championship experience mixed with new blood gets to rest recover scout and reflect on what has been


workingA continued ability to win Cheap FIFA Coins in a variety of ways while spreading the ball around playing stifling defense and adjusting to the pace of various stylesThey still employ Gregg Popovich the leagues best coacPortland wasnt even supposed to be in the playoffs this season Instead the Trail Blazers are staring down a chance to even


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Would also be a good match FIFA Coins The Hawks scored just points per possessions this season a mark that placed them in the bottom half of the league Deng andor Diaw could boost that number up a few marksA starting lineup featuring Schroder Korver Deng or Bazemore Millsap and Horford would be intriguing and dangerous while a bench


featuring Tiago Splitter Mike Scott Thabo Sefolosha Tim Hardaway Jr and whoever Atlanta receives in return for Teague could get the job done tooThat might not be a championship group but its close enough that its worth giving them at least one more shot What are the chances tearing it down and starting over ever yields something


betterWhile Heat vs Raptors has been notorious for its parity the matchup in the other side of the bracket in the East playoffs has been pletely onesided The Cavaliers have proved to be a step above the Hawks in the first three games of the series and could plete the sweep with one more win in AtlantaCleveland has outgunned the


Hawks from the start They have Buy FIFA Mobile Coins rained threepointers to an historic level on them breaking the record for most makes from beyond the arc in the playoffs in Game with and connecting on in Game After JR Smith led the way in past nights Channing Frye was the biggest weapon from outside last Friday with seven of his nine attempts


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Lowry plays like an runescape gold AllNBA guard Toronto can beat anyone We knew that DeRozan has unlimited confidence even when no one else has confidence in him We knew that their home crowd was nuts and they would play well there But the Biz! Seriously Tom Where the hell did that e fromLet me ask this another way Have we underestimated


the RaptorsZILLER Saying youre a convert in the Cult of Biz is basically saying Im a human who doesnt live in Cleveland Take a real stand Flannery!We have underestimated Toronto going into this series precisely because they looked so bad in the earlier rounds Im sorry but no one should be chided for thinking a team that needed seven to beat that


 Pacers team is Finalsbound Otherwise many of us had faith in the Raptors to get this far and in Lowry to brutalize Kyrie Irving A series win would be a stunner by any measure given the players involved especially one named LeBron So yeah if they win we underestimated the Raptors and theres no crime in that What say youFLANNERY


 I think the cumulative effect of Buy runescape gold playing two sevengame series made people question whether or not they were actually good In turn they lumped them in with the likes of Atlanta Miami Boston and Charlotte and therein lies the underestimation The Raps proved demonstrably during the regular season that they were better than those teams and they


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Extinct but fewer centers are FIFA Coins playing heavy minutes in the playoffs because of the emphasis placed on spacing and shooting More smallball lineups are being used Versatility is now more important than sizeOnly traditional centers or power forwards are averaging minutes or more in the playoffs Nine of them were either named to an AllNBA or


 AllStar team at least once in their careers the only two that werent are Serge Ibaka and Steven Adams The others either score at an elite level like LaMarcus Aldridge or Blake Griffin protect the rim at an elite level like DeAndre Jordan or Dwight Horward space the floor at an elite level like Kevin Love or Dirk Nowitzki or rank highly in multiple


categories like Paul Millsap Al Horford and Andre DrummondUnless youre a star the role of the traditional big has declined in the playoffs Andrew Bogut is averaging five fewer minutes than the versatile Shaun Livingston The nifty interior scoring of Enes Kanter averaged eight fewer minutes than Andre Roberson a journeymanlevel wing Jared


Sullinger an elite rebounder averaged FIFA Mobile Coins fewer minutes than the flexiblebutaverage Jonas JerebkoTheres actually a legitimate argument that the yearold pasthisprime Richard Jefferson should continue starting over threetime AllStar Kevin Love So of course the role of traditional big men is declining This is obvious This NBA is twisted right nowWe are


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