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He didn’t need a title to NBA Live Mobile Coins  validate his work, but it sure is neat that he got one. In this Storystream Cavs vs. Warriors 2017: NBA Finals Game 5 live updates, highlights, and more Draymond Green slept on Klay Thompson's couch after winning the NBA Finals David West is finally an NBA champion, and that is a great thing It doesn't matter that LeBron James lost in the NBA Finals View all 48 stories Kevin Durant gets his revenge on LeBron James, 5 years later When we collectively talk about the Thunder’s 2012 NBA Finals run, it’s usually to lament the subsequent trade of James Harden and premature end of Cheap NBA Live 18 Coins what could have been a dynasty. The Thunder’s core, led by Kevin Durant, was so young and full of promise. Despite the loss, it felt like Oklahoma City would be back in the Finals frequently. The Thunder still haven’t been back five years later, and likely won’t be there any time soon after Durant left in 2016.What often goes untold in discussions of 2012 is that Durant was incredible in that series. The Thunder were very competitive despite the 4-1 finish and despite being an underdog, and only LeBron James’ singular excellence kept Oklahoma City from winning a championship that early in their run. LeBron was the Finals MVP and Miami’s leading scorer in each of the five games. But Durant, then just 23 years old, wasn’t far behind at all. Durant averaged 30 points on 55 percent shooting for the series. He scored a game-high 36 in Game 1, won by the Thunder in OKC. He had a chance tie the game in the final seconds of Game 2, but came up short.LeBron sealed the game at the line to earn the road split and capture home-court advantage. Durant didn’t get another chance to win a game in the series: Russell Westbrook took the last couple of shots in a close Game 3,


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