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Fiber optics is one of the technologies used in transporting data. It is highly significant in computer technologies or telecommunication structures. The transmission of data commences from the use of a thin, flexible glass or a plastic tube with optical fibers. Information with coded pulses are transferred through the aid of modulated light waves. Overall, the aid of fiber optic cables becomes significant in these scientific and technological industries. Understanding fiber optic cables entails one to look into the components CCTV coaxial cable that comprise it. These cables are conceived in a diversity of ways. There are also a few special forms of cables utilized for fiber optic applications. Designs for a fiber optic cable Assessing a fiber optic cable is made through two of its chief components the external core and the cladding layer. The most basic magnitude for the design is comprised of a quantity of 62.5/125 microns of the external core and 8/125 microns of the cladding layer. In this regard, there are four portions to take note of these are the ferrule, cable, connector housing and coupling device. The ferrule is deemed as a device for fiber alignment. It is comprised of a thin cylinder kind and is commonly constructed out of metal, ceramic or plastic materials. Joining the ferrule is the cable that provides fiber passage. It is connected to the third component known as the connector housing. The connector housing also links to the first porion or the ferrule that is fastened to the CCTV coaxial cable coupling gadget for fiber optic cables. A general kind of coupling device utilizes the alignment sleeve in order to join connectors together. Special kinds of connector for a fiber optic cable The CATV splitter fiber cable connector design discussed above is very basic. In other treatments, special connectors are being employed. For some, the subminiature Type A or SMA connector is significant. It makes use of the screw-on system feature. The SMA has diverse designs including those with straight screw connectors and smaller connection mechanisms generally Security alarm cable placed at the connector's ends. One more kind of connector for fiber optic cables is known as the straight-tip or ST connector. This one counts on a bayonet mount lock, a flexible link that can either be separated then refastened with much comfort. Another special design is recognized as the SC or square connector that is capable of stopping fibers to intersect each other during installation. This one is easily discernible to the consumer as it has a square tip.

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